Reminder > The Dread Axe of Darkness, almost sold out!

I have just ten Dread Axes left in my store, and they need to move. You can order one here. I’m pushing these again for two reasons: 1.) Due to the slower selling of the second round, I won’t go into a third one unless I there’s demand (i.e., emails from people asking for them), […]

Buzz-Off’s Bio Revealed

No one seems to know where it came from–or they won’t say–but Buzz-Off’s bio, and a packaging pic, have surfaced. Here they are for your perusal. I’m not going to offer comments–I’ll get to that when I do the official bio discussion. I will say one thing–between this and Carnivus, I’m starting to think the […]

Poe Goes Podcast, Again

The excellent folks at Orccacast had me on again a couple weeks ago, and after some technical difficulties, the podcast has finally made it on the air. Topics include the Mego revival, Mezco’s rough run of luck with their licenses, and general toy geekery. You can check it out at the link below (or get […]