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Welcome to a new feature. Occasionally I receive emails asking about various toy-related things, so I thought I’d start sharing my knowledge with the collecting world (plus build more content for the website).

First off is a Poester who wishes to remain Anonymous. He first contacted me a few weeks ago after spotting an eBay auction offering what appeared to be a lighter-blue DCUC Superman. Most fans figure it’s a factory prototype for the proposed (but as yet unproduced) Superman/Bizarro DCUC 2-pack.

Well, Mr. Anonymous got his hands on one and sent along an email, complete with pics.

Since no one has any other info about this figure, I thought maybe you would like an exclusive pictorial of the toy.

A few quick notes: just to give you a “heads-up” (pun entirely intended), I swapped the heads of the unreleased figure and the Superman from the Walmart Gotham City 5-pack.  So every pic with the darker blue Supes is the head that actually came with the lighter blue Superman.  The close-up headshot is the head that it came with as well.  This is obviously a “factory sample” as there are a decent number of paint errors.  These can easily be seen on the S shield, the paint on the boots, as well as the Superman head that looks like he put on some rouge before leaving the Fortress. 🙂  All the joints are solid, if not a little loose, but hold poses well.  No joints were stuck.  Head movement is okay with some decent up/down movement, but not nearly as much as the darker Superman.  When switching out the heads, I could easily tell a difference in the peg movement.  I’m not sure if it is a different peg, or a different chest cavity, but the range of movement is hindered.

The paint errors are minor and do not detract under normal lighting.  I cannot stand the head it came with.  The Gotham Superman head is massively superior.

Overall, a fantastic homage to the old Super Powers figure and my preferred color scheme for the Man of Steel.  If Mattel can find a way to release this figure as well as additional Super Powers-esque paint jobs of Batman, Wonder Woman, and some of the villains, I would certainly pick them up at retail.

(click any pic for a larger version)

Next up, Poester JH asks:


Just read your post on action figure stands. I’m looking for something for possibly NECA or DST’s Battlestar line. What would you recommend?

Thank you.

Here’s the post he’s referring to.

I can’t say for 100% certain because I haven’t officially tried it on the specific figures you’re thinking of, but my guess is that the McFarlane stands would work fine for either NECA or DST figures. I’ve used them with both in the past, and usually they fit fine, or will fit with a little pressure. You can buy them online here. You get 15 stands for $5, but be aware, the shipping sucks. It’s $10 or something like that, so buy in bulk.

Got any toy-related questions or comments? Feel free to send them along to poe@poeghostal.com and you just might seem them here on the site!

12 thoughts on “Poest Office > Rhapsody in Light Blue (plus: figure stands)”

  1. Letters, you've got letters, you've got stacks and stacks of letters. LETTERS!

    That blue Supes looks great.

    Do any of the figure stands work with the original TMNT? Maybe the McFarlane stands?

  2. I've heard the McFarlane stands work better than the blue DCUC stands designed for DCUC figures. Can anyone confirm this? I am getting tired of picking up toppled figures.

  3. This is obviously a “factory sample” as there are a decent number of paint errors.

    He thinks a DCUC with numerous paint errors must be a factory sample. LOL.

  4. Playmates! Although, now that you mention it, do they work with the NECA turtles as well? Not that they really need it, but they could come in handy with some of the more dynamic poses I've tried with them.

  5. @PrfktTear: Oddly enough, I can definitely confirm that they work very well with Playmates Turtles. I don't think they're as good with the NECA ones, but I'm not sure–I prefer to use the street stands they came with.

  6. Thanks! I took down my TMNT a while ago to display, but they kept falling over! Some of these would help a lot!

    I prefer the street bases too, but I was just curious! 😉 The more you know, and knowing is half the battle!


  7. I love the Superman. I hadn't given much through to how altered the colors had been since everything in the 90s was darkened some or made so drastic that this stuff was minor. Every poster, lunchbox, toy and everything else in the 80s looked just like that figure!

  8. Something I've been wondering about the DCUC stands. Anyone know why they have those little holes in them? I was using the Super Powers one as a label of sorts, but the hole is really distracting.

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