Giving Trap Jaw a hand

A fan on recently suggested a repainted Roboto hand for Trap Jaw, and I think that would be a neat idea for the next weapons pack. It’s not a popular one, though. Which I don’t really understand–what’s the harm? The next weapons pack is going to be a bunch of repainted accessories anyway, and […]

“Bastards Meeting.”

Click the panels for full-size versions. The throne there is from Marvel Select’s Mephisto figure, and has gotten way more play than Mephisto over the years.

Matty’s Masquerade > And the Winner Is…

I didn’t get quite as many submissions as I’d hope for my Matty Masquerade contest, but I suppose that’s what happens when you require more than just a comment. Nonetheless, there were definitely some fun entries. First off, Honorable Mention goes to cartoonist Bill White, who hails from my own native Massachusetts South Shore. While […]

Minicomic Roboto

Just for fun, a repaint of Roboto based on his minicomic appearance in “The Battle of Roboto.” It’d make a good DC vs. MOTU 2-pack repaint; any ideas as to who would make a good DC figure? I’m thinking robot Brainiac–he’s got the clear, multicolored head and shoulders to match Roboto’s chest. The cool thing […]

Odds ‘n Ends > October 27, 2010

Spy Monkey Creations has the following status update on their Facebook page: “Brian-Man has finished the sculpt of our next offering. It is truly of titanic proportions. (wink, nudge) Come see it in person at the Long Beach Comic Con this coming weekend. Fri. Oct. 29-Sun. Oct. 31. Details on the sale date coming soon.” […]