Giving Trap Jaw a hand

A fan on recently suggested a repainted Roboto hand for Trap Jaw, and I think that would be a neat idea for the next weapons pack. It’s not a popular one, though. Which I don’t really understand–what’s the harm? The next weapons pack is going to be a bunch of repainted accessories anyway, and the more options I have for Trap Jaw, the better. I think the mock-up gives him a certain Darth Vader-ish vibe.

Anyway, I created a few mock-up pics, just for fun.

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  • Looks nice,probably needs some metallic blue highlights to match his cyborg parts.

  • Sorry, Poe, still can't convince me that the hand looks good on TJ. But I wouldn't have a problem if Mattel did this to please those like you who'd like to see it offered. 🙂

  • that would look cooler if the hand were molre robotish… like think terminator hand minus skin, that would go w/ the trap jaw mech-arm

  • Isn't the Clamp supposed to be a "hand" attachment?

    Still I'd love the Spare Roboto hand to come in TJ colors.