Roboto’s shoulders are on backwards

Mattel QC has done it again.

I’m still trying to decide how much I care about this, but over on fans have discovered that Roboto’s shoulders appear to be backwards, much like the first-release He-Man. It looks like the Horsemen sculpted them to match the vintage figure, and Mattel screwed the pooch on the assembly.

Oddly enough, this was perfectly evident way back in the SDCC pics, but apparently no one caught it.

The shoulders are reversed on the Pixel Dan review as well, so I think we can safely assume every single Roboto will have backwards shoulders. And this time we’re being forced to pay for defective products. At the very least, Mattel should allow fans to opt-out of the sub for this one figure and wait for a reissue.

What do you think? Do you care enough about this to not want the figure until it’s been corrected?

I mean, this is pretty damned bad. Yes, you can say it’s not really that noticeable–and that’s kind of how I feel–but at the same time, remember, you’re paying $30 for this thing.

I don’t want to come off like some hysterical fanboy losing my shit over this, because I’m still not sure it bothers me much (although apparently the reversed shoulders on the He-Man caused them to rub and wear away at some points of contact, and the thought of that happening does bug me a bit). But given the subscription, there’s a principle-of-the-thing aspect to this that’s really bugging me.

UPDATE: I want to point out that it’s entirely possible that the sample Pixel Dan received was an early one and that this was caught and corrected at the factory before general production started. But they said the same thing about the bleed around Orko’s ears, and it wasn’t corrected. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

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  • @Mysterious Stranger

    Yup! Those are your options. The bonus/replacement figure system is in place as Mattel's insurance if something goes wrong early on in the process. Opening a bunch of shipped and packaged figures isn't going to happen of course.

    It's because of this that I think it's definitely fair to talk about the problem and point it out to Mattel without being told that it doesn't matter. It probably doesn't matter that much, but it is wrong. I'd just like them to acknoledge and learn from it. I can honestly even understand to a degree since a mothly production of a different item is different from retail waves. My understanding is diminished somewhat by several issues popping up right before what looks like a really great and ambitious year that could complicate matters more.

    I think the only solutions are to offer a discount/coupon for next time, or figure out a home-fix Apollo 13 style and post instructions.

    The discount isn't likely, but it seems like a good way to ensure a quick sellout. Otherwise, reissues will be leftovers.

    Home-fix…not likely. This is the worst figure to try to fix! Assuming a hot water-pop trick worked, his chest will be a fish tank! Crack him open and you've got gears everywhere! It'll be madness!

    Seriously, I doubt they'll do anything. You're right, it's neither unsafe or broken. I'm a bit tired of fixing these things myself, so I'm going to buy it and accept it. If I get obsessive and work out a fix, I'll spread the word.

  • Who cares?

    I honestly don't see what the big deal is. If you really have to look hard to pick this nit, then it's a pretty small not.

    If it makes you feel better think of it this way: It's a fricking robot. Robots are manufactured and as such are subject to manufacturing errors.

    This one got past QC at the Eternian factory.

  • @FakeEyes22: If I buy one I may try to cut his deltoid off the shoulder ring similar to how Buzzy Fret prevents paint rub.

    Granted, I would not be removing the shoulder from Roboto's torso as I have no desire to crack his chest open.

    We'll see.

    I probably won't buy him; even though he was the figure I was most looking forward to for the rest of 2010.

    I do not wish to reward Matty's incompetence.

    I wouldn't buy a new "insert product" if I knew it was not assembled properly.

  • Sorry guys. That was the first time I tried linking and I botched it. If anyone can fix it that would be great.

    Otherwise it's just a link to Buzzy's tutorial on AFP.

    I feel as competent as Matty…sheesh.

  • @Israel Ramirez: did the lawyer just say the details are insignificant? i didn't just read that, there's no WAY a lawyer just said that the details are insignificant. i couldn't possibly live in that world, right?

    "If you really have to look hard to pick this nit, then it’s a pretty small nit."

    aside from fixing his typo, i had to reread that like five times for it to sink in… as firstly, the photos above seem pretty obvious, such that one might note that it doesn't have to take hard looking, just looking.

  • Good news everyone! Matty has decided to make things right by offering a promo code for Roboto. Enter the code VASELINE during checking out to receive some bonus special loving from Matty himself.

  • You know what's funny about this whole thing? Its a legit issue with the QC and yet the Matty mod (and her outspoken friend on Facebook) choose to turn a blind eye to it. There is video evidence of this issue and it ca be seen in broad daylight but they just want to drink the Kool-Aid without noticing. And its understandable because I'm sure they can delay the figure just like with the guards pack to make it right but its too close to sale day. But this and the sheath on Adam (included on Adora but missed on an SDCC exclusive) is just hard to understand how these things are botched. Matty is as incompetent as the 2008 Detroit Lions.

    And on top of that you got others who think its alright to have the figure released. You can notice it, its right there. This is like saying Barrack Obama is white. The Mattel fandom at large and th' diehards are clearly screwed in the head. Jaded toy fans my ass.

  • DR,

    I didn't say the details are insignificant. I said I personally didn't care about the shoulder issue and it wouldn't detract from my enjoyment of the figure.

    We live in an imperfect world, where HUGE problems assail us from all sides. In the broad scheme of things, this one just isn't that important TO ME.

    Again, your mileage may differ…

  • Also, if the problem was THAT obvious, someone would have spotted it sooner, probably at Comic Con.

    Of course NOW it's obvious, especially with arrows, circles and diagrams pointing it out from every angle. 😉

  • Well, the subscribers who ordered fast shipping should start getting their Robotos today or tomorrow, so we'll know soon whether the production figures have the problem.

  • Got my Roboto today.

    Unfortunately, the shoulders ARE reversed. On the upside, it doesn't look like anyone should be too concerned about any of the pieces scraping or impeding his articulation.

    Dismayed as I am with Mattel's continued QC incompetence, I probably wouldn't have even noticed this had no one pointed it out.