Spy Monkey Creations’ newest item revealed: The Hammer!

Happy Halloween, all! To celebrate the day, Spy Monkey Creations sends in this exclusive pic of their newest exclusive. It doesn’t have a name yet, but as you can see, it’s a giant hammer. (Note: this is NOT the new PGPoA exclusive.)

Here’s what Jeremy “SpyMagician” Sung has to say about the item:

It’s an early version, no name yet, and still in progress.  This is a test shot and the design is 90% final.  It’s just the handle that is being re-worked for more strength.  It is scaled to work with oversize figures 9-12″.

The hammer master sculpt was 100% designed and fabricated by Brian “Brian-Man” Stevenson, who is now taking a much bigger role in design and fabrication of our accessories!

The goal is to have a on sale date sometime in November.


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  • It looks great! Can't wait to get it, but am I mistaken or does that one side looks sharp, as an axe?

  • Since I don't have a Tytus, so this doesnt have any appeal to me. Its an ok looking hammer though, I guess.

    Does this really have any use beyond Tytus?

  • @finkrod: well, in theory, gygor could hold this too, if you wanted.

    i also suspect though that several other toys lines have characters that could benefit from a weapon in this scale… i imagine more than one hulk could tote it around, for example.

    i think it looks great. any hints on a projected price point?

    and if i might poe… this does look sweet, but it's far from so all encompassing that the poe-xclusive will be eclipsed. SMCs stuff is always hot, but you sir have your thumb up the zeitgeist's ass, so your exclusives are always balls awesome.

  • Translucent blue?

    Now that's a fun detail that would make the figure a little more special and interesting, rather than simple serving as hand filler. Same goes for the axe/hammer combo decision.

    Kudos to Spymonkey for once again capturing a certain style of restrained but crisp detail and adding some value without adding cost.

    Assuming it's compatible, they may be able to get some interest from the Marvel crowd for the upcoming Frost Giant as well.

  • Looks sweet, Great idea. I would have preferred one in the same colours as the vaccuum though. I have to see this in his hand to make my mind up.

  • Awesome looks good! May finally have to add some customization to MOTUC and Tytus was sorely in for months since being released. Can't wait to see what they do with the rumored extra heads. 2 Hundred Ex, FTW!

  • Kinda looks like a Techno version of the Megaton Hammer from the Legend of Zelda… Me likey!

  • @THINK-OR: Maybe it's like Ultimate Thor's Mjolnir, which had an axe blade on one side and a blunt portion on the other.

    It definitely looks more axe-like than hammer, however! Still an awesome accessory.

  • @Dlia:

    SMC's extra heads for Tytus? Really?? 🙂 Woow that could be awesome! Now all we need are ball shoulder joints 🙂

  • @ dave – Some great ideas. However, we're only going to be doing the colors that you see on the proto shot from Poe's post. There will be more paint apps on the final product. This is just a rough proto teaser. It still needs a few tweaks. Right now we do not intend to do alternate colors/decos/textures beyond those shown in any official news releases.

  • Thor?

    Great piece though, almost makes me wish I had a Tytus to buy it for! 😉

  • @ Brian-Man:

    I really love the design of this hammer/axe. But you really should consider a variant in the colors of Tytus actual smasher (like in Dave's mock-up). I don't think the color sceme of the prototype works that well with the giant (especially the blue transparent parts). More painted details won't change that in my opinion.



  • I think it's a really nice accessory, but isn't SM putting too many eggs in one proverbial basket here? That axe is too big for most characters, and (to my knowledge) would only be suitable for a Tytus or Gygor figure. Isn't this catering to a niche within a niche?

  • @Stephen: Well, there is Tytus and Gygor, and eventually we'll have Megator and the Centaur guy probably, as well.

    Of course, this would also work with many build a figures from various lines: Marvel Legends, LCBH, DCUC, so there are a number of options. Besides, I've heard more people complain about Tytu's weapon second only to Keldor's half swords, so hopefully most fans will want to replace the vacuum cleaner of doom!

  • This is still a work in progress. At this time we have locked the colors and don't plan on any variants. Doesn't mean we won't ever do them in future runs. For this item the first run will be gray & navy with silver & copper accents. The transluscent was done for the mock up but it may wind up being solid, that detail is still being decided. We've already done several orange accessories and really want to change it up with this. Plus if we did it in the same colors as the floor buffer it would really be putting all of our eggs in one basket. I'm looking forward to displaying the up coming Marvel Universe Ice Giant with this more than I am any other figure.

  • @Brian-Man: You may also mention that Spymonkey Creations allows for custom orders (the added cost is well worth it for what you get!) so people can order the axe with virtually any color scheme you can think of. It will be fun to see what people come up with. 😀

  • We are doing things a bit differently with this item. Because of the size and the time it will take to produce them, we will not be offering variants or taking custom orders for this item. It will only be offered in the colors shown on the proto with some minor adjustments.

    We will also not have the usual open orders that we do for our smaller items. The first run will be somewhere between 25-50 pieces (actual run TBD) that we will have complete before the item goes up for sale. Once it sells through we will make a second batch until it sells through, then a third if necessary and so forth.

  • I saw this in person on Saturday and it looks amazing. I'm getting one just to have on display even though I don't have a Tytus. And yeah if I can get a few of the Frost Giant figure then I'll be arming them with this.

    Though I have to disagree on the painted blue. I think this looks MUCH better in the translucent blue and that's where my vote goes.

  • Saw this in person yesterday at Long Beach Comic-Con. It totally reeks of awesomeness.

  • @Brian-Man: Because the item is not being offered as something that can be customized for a premium, I would consider adjustments to the color scheme before it is made available for sale. Again I really like the look of it, the shape is great and is true to the MOTUC line.

  • @Brian-Man : any plans of making this awesome weapon for 7″ action figures?

    The blue one on a reduced scale would go great with Kronis..

    Also this would make the perfect weapon for Ram-Man, in case he is ever made in the classics line..

  • I’ve said my peace about the colors. Sorry guys, these are the colors I’ve chosen. These are the colors I’m sticking with. Nuff said.

    I may do a scaled down version for 6″-7″ figures sometime next year.
    Depends on where/if I can fit it into the up coming schedule.

  • @ Brian-Man

    First off I wanna start by saying that this new SMC item is probably the best looking one yet IMO. (yes, I said it). Yes, I love all the other items and I couldn't wait for the Dark Arsenal (I'm a big Trap-Jaw fan)but the design of this hammer/axe is a leap forward.

    On the subject of the custom color option being dropped for this release I personally own several items in custom colors so I have always loved having the option BUT I fully understand the choice u guys have made for this particular release. Due to size and the "strategy" u guys have planned for an initial run sounds great and I'm sure this has to do with the delays that came up with the Arsenal. I know I had to comment on a forums or two to let people know to be patient and give u guys a chance to deliver (which u did).

    Lastly I wanna chime in by saying I personally like the "sneak peek" version of the hammer but I think non-translucent would work best. Either way I'll make sure to add it to my growing SMC collection.