Odds ‘n Ends > Mattelocalypse Averted

  • Let’s give credit where credit is due: while the WSOD did make an appearance yesterday, the Cyber Monday sale overall ran much more smoothly than previous months, and there seems to have been an abundance of product available. Only a few items are sold out now, and Battle Cat hung around much longer than anyone expected.
  • DST continues to eek out the occasional Battle Beast Minimate here and there. When are we going to get a real line of these things?
  • The new MOTU vs. DCUC 2-packs are starting to hit. I was thinking I wasn’t going to get them, but I know I will once I see them. I ain’t buying them off eBay, though. Anyone seen them in stores yet?
  • The packaging and constructs for the Hal Jordan vs. Thaal Sinestro set look great, but shouldn’t Sinestro be wearing the Sinestro Corps uniform, and Jordan his modern togs? Or alternatively, shouldn’t the “evil” constructs be green? Still though…great looking set. Why didn’t we get anything like Green Lantern Classics for Batman when Dark Knight came out?
  • A Chinese eBay retailer has some early samples of DCUC 16: Creeper, Robin, Riddler, Mercury, Jonah Hex. I didn’t realize Robin and the Creeper had double-joints until I saw these–that’s awesome. Here’s hoping for a super-articulated Batman down the line. Does Azrael Bats have double-joints too?
  • Speaking of Batman, here’s your question of the day: what’s your definitive Mattel Batman? Is it Zipline Batman, DCSH Batman (blue or black), DCUC Detective Batman or Burton Batman, DCUC TRU exclusive Batman or Walmart Robin 2-pack Batman…? My all-time favorite remains DCSH black-and-gray Batman, but a new modern DCUC Batman–with a black bat symbol, pouch belt, and double-jointed limbs–might top him.