Any questions for Mattel?

Apologies for the late notice! Questions due by tonight at midnight.


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  • firstly matty..thanks for an awesome cyber monday sale..i have one question to ask…the april 2011 MOTU it a 100% new sculpt or is it done with some amount re-use?

  • i've got another question..

    is vikor coming with another classic power sword which was not visible in the carded figure pics shown..?

  • Does the roasted Vinz Clortho terror dog head fit over the regular Louis Tully head, or is it a swappable head?

    Jut randomly curious.


    When are Marshmallow Rays shipping for club ecto?

    Thanks for using my Matty, Poe!

  • Now that the Awesome KG 2.0 is arriving to customers we have a small issue: The orb of Power. Are there any plans to make a small diorama base and/or stand for the orb of power to be displayed without it rolling off?

  • Toy Fair is just around the corner. Any hints as to what we can look forward to seeing in the MOTUC line? Not asking to reveal specific characters, just an idea of how many figures we could potentially see. Perhaps the rest of the first half of 2011 figures?

  • Do they realize that thanks to the nonsense of their bio-writers and additional TG comments, the catchphrase for the entire series, if said by King Grayskull, could be "By the He of Me, I have the He?"

  • Are the different shades of yellow used on the Sinestro Corps uniforms a specific design change? Sinestro, Batman, and the Color of Fear 2 pack all use different shades of yellow.

  • Does the inclusion of the devil dog head with Louis Tully mean we won't be getting a full devil dog figure down the line?

  • When will we find out the line-up for DCUC wave 17? Are there any plans to make a MOTUC monthly figure subscription available again for 2012? Thanks!

  • Now that there is are new and improved power sword halves molded (as debuted with King Greyskull V.2), can we expect to see all of the power swords to date (Faker, Keldor, Wundar, etc) to be re-released in the new style (be they in Weapons Paks, or otherwise)?

  • So we've been told that packaging for DCUC figures limits the size of a CnC figure to the 10 inches range, however, some characters, such as the Anti-Monitor are depicted in the comics at truly huge sizes, has Mattel given any thought to splitting a CnC figure over two waves in order to increase it's stature?

    And as a sideline to this, what do Poesters think of this idea?

  • Is is possible that we could see a Teela figure in pink armor that would benefit charity breast cancer research? (This is a question that has sparked a lot of conversation on the forums and Mattel has so far been silent on the issue.)