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Poe’s note: Apologies for the really weak Q&A this time, folks. I asked a number of WWE questions and apparently there was no one available to answer them.

1.) MldMnrdReporter asks: Are any *new* steps being taken to make sure Quality Control on MOTUC improves in the future? We know it wasn’t a factory error regarding Roboto (his shoulders were clearly tooled incorrectly, with the “L” and the “R” on the wrong pegs). $20 a figure is quite a bit of money to spend each month and it’d be nice to make sure we don’t get a flawed product.

We are always doing what we can to improve quality control. While fans only see the “mistakes” that slip through, many don’t realize the hundreds of things we do catch that are fixed before market. We totally understand the frustration with Roboto. Honestly, this one slipped through. Hey, even fan sites in their reviews didn’t notice the shoulder’s being reversed. In the end, it really only changes the pattern of the tech on his shoulders, the figure is still fully functional. We will look at correcting this one day, but nothing is planned right now. Quality Control is, and remains, of upmost importance to us. Even so, sometimes things do slip through.

2.) Snarf! Snarf! asks: Is it possible to get some official info regarding the power levels and extent of the abilities of MOTU characters (Including PoP, NA, etc.) somewhere down the line. Since the bios are focused on the story we can’t get that info. Things like: “Can Beastman control sea creatures, or is that Mer-Man’s job? Where does Mekaneck keep that huge amount of neck and other organs within his body? How strong is He-Man compared to King Grayskull?”

This is something we are looking into but nothing to announce right now.

3.) Reverend Ender asks: The quality of the plastic used on the WWE women, as well as their proportions (especially their arms and hands) is quite good, and far superior to what we are seeing in DCUC. Is there any chance of getting some of these great features on our DCUC women?

We are always looking for ways to improve figures and sharing strategies between lines is a great way to do it. Thanks for the suggestion!

4.) dayraven asks: Does Mattel make appearances at WWE events? it seems like Wrestlemania Fan week would be a fine time to set up a booth with new product and would give Mattel a chance to score big with the WWE Universe.

Sorry, the WWE team was not available this week. We will submit this question to them next week to see if they can answer.

5.) RM asks: Your Shawn Michaels WWE figures have been great, but have all been missing one important thing: chest hair. HBK just looks incomplete without some painted on chest hair. Could you please rectify this going forward?

Sorry, the WWE team was not available this week. We will submit this question to them next week to see if they can answer.


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  1. Heli

    Well, since they're not "Adult Collectibles," I'd assume they're higher up on the totem pole, yes. I think "Adult Collectible" in Matty speak means "you'll take what we give you and like it."

  2. Does anyone here get the WWE figures? I get them for my Oldest son every so often; but he's not one to ask about bucks or articulation or anything. (That said, he got one the other day with weak hip articulation.) Are WWE higher up on the Mattel totem pole than DCUC or MOTUC?

  3. Heli

    See also "shoulder's."

    Proofreading is not of "upmost" importance, apparently.

  4. "Quality Control is, and remains, of upmost importance to us. Even so, sometimes things do slip through."

    …is this supposed to be an ironic example of that?

  5. Snarf! Snarf! (aka)

    -Curse you Pixel Dan! You did not notice that Roboto had reversed shoulders so close to the toy's release date that Mattel could do nothing about it even if you did!

    Um… Isn't that what the QC people at Mattel , or the "Brand Manager who happens to be a mega MOTU fan" are there for?

    -If Mattel was Smart about this they'd make a book like the Guides to Marvel, DC, TF, and other toy/comic properties that are available. This would help set some more definitive rules that can help the rumored MOTU movie… or a new MOTU Cartoon… It would also be a better place to explain Eternian History instead of the Bios.

    -Wait… something THIS OBVIOUS never crossed their minds!? WHAT THE HELL!?

    -WWE Team not here is the "That style is retired" Stock answer for the WWE toys… wait and see.

  6. Reverend Ender

    Poe I thought all of the questions were good ones, and really, no answer is not all that much different than the non-answers that we usually get. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the answer to mine was more than a mere platitude, but I'm definitely not holding my breath. (I mix metaphors. Try to stop me.)

  7. misterbigbo

    @Nik: I stand corrected, except I don't think the GB toy fan-base really exists, at least not anywhere like MOTU. I think what you have there are GB fans who happen also to like toys, and saw a flash in the pan toy line briefly support them.

  8. Nik


    "MOTUC couldn’t possibly be lower on Mattel’s priority list, so they’re never going to fix the issues with this line"

    The ghostbusters fans would tell you to shove it 😛

  9. AmericanHyena

    The AFI Ask Matty raises an interesting point for me…if the Green Lantern Classics G'Hu (Movie Preview Figure) is in Movie Masters scale…will he come w/ a part of Stel or just a stand?

    I really don't want to be forced to buy a character that doesn't fit in the DCUC line.

  10. misterbigbo

    MOTUC couldn't possibly be lower on Mattel's priority list, so they're never going to fix the issues with this line. Whatever they produce, however badly it's manufactured, however inconsistent they are in marketing it, however it ignores fan requests, will still sell out within hours. They treat the line as a favor to the fans, as if it makes no profit for them, put poor Scott Neitlich out on the plank of their pirate ship monthly, then rake in the dough. Why the hell should they change? There are no significant market forces to compel it to do so. He-fans ain't going elsewhere.

    I for one am not upset about it any more. I know a glut of barely-over-retail figs will be available on eBay or on the Dot Org for when I can't stare at a monitor for an hour of my day to fight with the WSOD.

  11. nerdbot

    Erm, yeah… Attempting to downplay the QC problems that make it to production by telling us there were hundreds of other problems that we didn't see? Somehow that doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence.

  12. Barbecue17

    @The Flash III: He is not defective!! His legs and arms still work.

    However, having a Sinestro with proportionate limbs would be a great way to refresh the character further down the line.

  13. The Flash III

    @Barbecue17: You mean by making his legs longer and leaving his arms disproportionately short?

  14. MldMnrdReporter

    Yeah, that irks me too, it's obviously a mistake. Mattel keeps telling us that it takes time to make sure a figure is right before they announce it and then produce it/sell it. They had more than enough time to make sure Roboto was correctly put together before they sold it to us. This is totally on them, not the factory or the Horsemen.

  15. Barbecue17

    Seriously, Mattel catches hundreds of these QC problems! One time I was watching some Mattel QC testers inspect the figures, and this one He-Man figure came out of the machine (you know, the Classics/200x machine) with a backwards head! After everyone panicked, the QC tester stepped up, cracked his knuckles, and turned that head clear around. It was an amazing moment in QC.

    And c'mon guys, look at how committed Mattel was to fixing Sinestro……

  16. dayraven

    i LOVE that mistakes is quotes, as if that's not the right word, and it's all in our heads. and then they use pixel dan as a scapegoat. look at that dude! it's not his fault he missed that detail, HE'S NOT RECIEVING A PAYCHECK TO BE A QC OFFICER!!!

  17. Heli

    If I didn't already hate Mattel, their answers to QC questions would push me over the edge. It's SOMEBODY'S job to make sure the figures are assembled and painted correctly, and that all the joints work. Congratulations on fixing whatever it is you fix that we don't hear about, but when there are issues almost every month, I think some complaints are fair.

    Did they ever even respond about the cracked torsos on Roboto? Is that because his hips were assembled incorrectly, like Goddess? Or are we ready to admit that they used the wrong type of clear plastic in both figures?

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