Crom! Vikor moved up to January, Bow bumped to February (w/ pics and bio)

From Mattel’s Facebook page:

MOTUC fans,

Quick update for everyone on the 2011 Vikor figure. Bow was running a little late and Vikor was actually running early so we swaped them in the schedule. Look for Vikor as the Club Eternia figure on Jan 18th and Bow on Feb 15th. As an added bonus, here is Vikor carded!



I’m going to save my own bio discussion for when I can scan the card, but feel free to discuss it below.

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  • The most glaring omission from Vikor's bio is any mention of the chains on his wrists. Was he a slave? A conscripted warrior? Gladiator that escaped? This would have been a great opportunity to instill some character to Vikor beyond "he was a He-Man and guarded the sword after Graskull died… oh and he's from the north".

    Having said that, he's still a kick-ass figure and one I can't wait to get.

  • It sucks that Bow got pushed back until February, but he does seem to suit that month better with the heart on his chest armor! 🙂 Conan… I mean Vikor looks cool but I'm probably gonna pass on him.

  • @Mysterious Stranger:

    agreed it could have given him a bit more character pop to be an escaped slave or something.

    either way I could care less if figures get shuffled around as I have a sub and am getting everyone anyway.

  • I think I'm neutral on this. Thematically it's better to have the figure from the cold north in January, and the figure with the heart on his chest in February just in time for Valentine's Day.

    I think I want Bow more simply because I have more use for a living character than a dead one.

    But that being said…I was really starting to look forward to Vikor. So bring him on. I've got a sub so both figures are coming to me regardless.

  • Fighting Foe Men… Demo-Man, here we come *rolls eyes*

    I'm bummed about the switch. I'm excited for Bow, but don't care much about the Conan lookalike whose color scheme doesn't match the original artwork.

  • Interesting. The swap is unexpected, but not horrible news. I was looking forward to Bow, but an extra month won't hurt.

    I'm still thinking about getting a second Vikor to make a custom He-Man head since I like his facial sculpt more than the current He-Man — to me its more evocative of the original action figure. I just hope Vikor’s hair/helmet will pop off with some heating up!

    @Reilly: I thought the same thing! "Fighting Foe Men" but I guess I can't say too much… maybe they're trying to give their bios 80's esque names.

  • I do wish they'd given the portrait the full-color treatment. C'mon, I bet Baena or Val would have done it for free!

  • I'm looking forward to Bow, but Conan does look cool. I like the way they're expanding the "Powers of Grayskull" sub-line, even though I'm not interested in collecting the figures from POG.

    I agree that Conan needs more back-story to be an interesting character. He's a dude from the North. And he protected the Sword of He from an evil boy-band called the Fighting Foe Men. Then he died. It doesn't really tell us much about him as a character even though MOTUC is an "avatar for our imaginations" as Mattel like to keep telling us.

  • Noticed that they use "Valley of Gnarl" in the bio. I thought it might be linked to Sy-Klone's bio since its supposedly the region where he originates from,if the April 2010 hints are to be taken seriously.

    Watch them include Glimmer, Castaspella, and Sweet Bee all at once in Bow's bio. That'll tick off some POP purists out there for sure.

  • I'm pretty excited about this guy! If NA He-Man is an embrace of the sci-fi aspects of this universe, then Vikor is the bad-ass opposite.

    The dulled point of the shield looks fine, but it's still odd to me that it was necessary on a toy that says Adult Collector on the box.

    I think this is a good example of why 500 years may be too short. I like the idea that maybe the whole legend was forgotten about on Eternia and every now and then someone worthy would discover the sword and kick some tail, but never be "chosen" or able to harness any power.

    I must know what a Fighting Foe Man is! That is the most ridiculous and amazing thing I've ever read. It sounds like a 80s toy line of rubber thumb wrestlers.

  • Shoot, I was going to take the day off and try to get Conan. Vikor. Whatever.

    His time as He-Man was short, but does that mean he was killed? Or was he lost? Frozen maybe? Replaced for excessive violence? Promoted to management?

  • > Googum

    I'm guessing "promoted to management". In all likelihood, he was placed in charge of Mattel's quality control department.

    Then again, I could be wrong.

  • I'll take Vikor before bow! Both are cool figures, but Vikor kicks ass; love that axe and I really hope he comes with a secret weapon we don't know about.

  • I'm a bit disappointed cause I was looking to have an Adora & Bow display for V-Day… But at Least I'll Have The Vikor from the north… who fought the Fighting Foe Men…

  • @Mountain-Man

    Looks like his blue half power sword is packed so its kinda hidden, so maybe that counts.

  • @Dlia: the interesting thing about that is, i peeped like 4 different eternian maps and found an ocean of gnarl, but no valley. are they retconning their own map?

  • Now, that's good news! Although it would have been nice, if Conan had been released together with the apish brutes called "Shadow Beasts". They will make a great display together with my complete chronicles and the Dark Horse comics. First I wanted to pass on the Shadow Beasts, but as foes to Conan, They'll do a great job. Maybe they need to be repainted a little… we'll see.

    It's just a bit disappointing that the helmet is not removeable so we won't see much of his famous square-cut black mane… 😉

  • @ dayraven:

    There's a system behind it. They already mentioned the Mountains of Perpetua in Tytus' bio, though its the Plains of Perpetua in Eternia's present. Apparently, they're planning a "Preternia" map for 2012 or 2013, which illustrates how the landscape changed in the 500 years their bios are set in.

  • @Reilly: you don't suppose the preternian map might be this years, w/ preternia disguise he-man?

    yup, you're right though, that's likely the game plan… so, if the sea of rakash wasn't a sea, and the ocean of gnarl wasn't an ocean, who let eternian's carbon footprint get out of control? i suspect the Fearsome Foe Men had a Fabulous Flightcraft Factory that emitted Funky Fatal Fumes and made the wildlife Sickly Sticky Slain. that's my guess.

  • I am going to think of him as Vikor, but it's pretty damn awesome to have a perfect version of a Conan looking figure finally.

  • @Reilly: Maybe its continental drift; the shifting of Eternia's tectonic plates. But instead of taking 250 million years to shift, it all happened in a mere 500 years!

  • figure is awesome, the bio is debatable [maybe he was a prisoner of the Snake Men, he fought he way out!! hence the chains], but what really bugs me is the use of Zodak on the back – why didnt they use Zodac? Mr Z'C is way more linked to the whole P.O.G thing than Mr Z'K . . . *sighs* its Evil-Lyn all over again . . .

  • @ Dayraven

    In regards to the Sea of Rakash, I believe it became a sea when Hordak nearly destroyed the planet by creating the light and dark hemispheres in the MYP series.

    Maybe they're going for something similar here. But then Hordak did that during King Grayskull's time and Vikor lived after that…I'm so confused. Keep reading the bios I guess…