Cyber Monday-ocalypse

And here…we…go.

I’m just going to go ahead and add that “-ocalypse” suffix to save a later update.

Anyway, consider this your place to discuss today’s inevitable frustration. For the record, I’m not ordering anything, though I am going to try to help a friend get a Battle Cat. Fingers crossed on that one.


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  • @biggs33: The thing with the McFarlane stands is that the pegs are slightly bigger than DCUC peg holes, so that while they fit snugly, once you use a McFarlane stand you won't be able to use any smaller peg stands, including the official DCUC ones.

  • @Poe:

    That is the sort of thing all fellas like to tell ourselves about our ex girl friends as well….

    what??? I thought we having a thread with entendres lol

  • @biggs33:

    At least I got a (non-answer) reply:

    "We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to

    assist you with this product inquiry at the online store. For detailed

    product information please contact for assistance at: 1-800-524-TOYS (1-800-524-8697)"

    "Customer Service" indeed.

  • Really wanted the Color of Fear 2pack. Loooong wait but finally was able to add it and the Ultraman 2pack to my cart. Unfortunately I had 15-20 minutes of refresh screen before I was able to actually pay for it and by that time it sold out and kicked me back to the beginning. Finally able to get back through and pay for Ultraman. Total time = 1 hour. Ridiculous.