Sword of Ages goes on sale TODAY at noon

Just a reminder, the Sword of Ages goes on sale today at 12pm ET at Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition. There’s a limit of 3 per person, and international orders are welcome. In the event of a sellout, there will be a second production run, so fear not–this isn’t your only chance.


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  • im hving all sorts of problems accessing that google checkout. i created a google account, put in my credit card info, created it, ad when time came to order, i got an error. was it processed? who knows. Poe, is there another way of sending you the funds?

  • @Poe..Just ordered me a pair of these swords 🙂

    with the second run are you planning to include more colors..coz i am looking at atleast 4/5 more of these swords..

  • @rupertvalero: Hi Rupert,

    I apologize, I didn't see your post until just now. I don't see an order under your name. The other way to pay is using PayPal–can you use that?

    I'm sold out of swords now, but I'll have more soon (hopefully within a week or two).

    @bmnbinc: There won't be any other colors in my own second run, but SMC plans to offer alternate colors eventually. The golden hilt is the PGPoA exclusive.

  • @Poe : hmmmm..then will have to wait for SMC releases..

    have you thought of anything else to put up for a christmas sale for all us loyal MOTUC fans?

  • thanks Poe. i finally made a new account, and end result was google checkout wouldnt send out to APO address. so they shafted me.