Swords sold out!

Wow–that was fast! The Sword is sold out, but fear not, we’ll have more in very soon!


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  • I'm sorry but PoeGhostal Inc. does not release production numbers.

  • @bmnbinc: There were only 25. Now, I'm going to order another 25. If those sell out in a day or two again, I'll order another 25 🙂

  • I ordered mine so just in time so I won't be needing to wait for the next batch. Can't wait to have it in hand.

  • @Poe..cool man! waiting for my shipment to arrive..

    @venenor.. that custom colored space pirate kit looks awesome bro! wish SMC start accepting custom orders again

  • who'd a thunk you'd have sold through 25 that fast? oh yeah, ME! 🙂

    so, let me ask, without getting into specific numbers (unless you all want to) what's the difference in production of a regular SMC releae, like the space pirate set, and the sword of ages poe-sclusive? cuz while i can certainly understand investing dollars being a cap for production run, shouldn't you being expecting that, over all, the poe-sclusives will move overall roughly regular run numbers?

    like, if SMC moves 100 units of their in-house stuff, shouldn't the rough projected sale goal of the sword of ages be 100 units? so even if you can only afford runs at 25 units each, you should be prepared to invest 4 times, right? or am i an ignorant hillbilly?

  • @dayraven: More or less, yes, being prepared to invest 4 times is correct. But one never knows. A lot of the comments about the Sword over on the He-Man.org forums are negative, so I had no idea exactly how well it would sell. I could burn through the first dozen or so of the second run in a day, and then the sales could taper off to a trickle. That's exactly what happened with the Dread Axe of Darkness.

    Bear in mind, too, that my profit on these is pretty much nil–I do this for the love of collecting and sharing the hobby, not for profit. So each sellout basically pays for the next production run.

  • and you're a saint for it poe, screw the orgers! although i missed this run, i'm in for round two, so keep us posted! (i foolishly thought i could get to these on mon when i get paid again… what a tard, eh?)

  • @bmnbinc: I appreciate the comments, it is my favorite custom piece and overall SMC item. I also hope they do the custom orders again, even if they do limits like 1 per person per month or 5 customs per month, first come first serve. I'll take whatever they can think of that'll allow some custom orders. I honestly hope that they do some "expansions" of their current items in new colors to help eliminate the desire for the customs. The shields definitely can be made in a multitude of colors for virtually all the figures. I have my fingers crossed like u do bro.

    @Poe: I agree with u, there were plenty of naysayers and negative remarks about the sword. I did my share of defending but some just wouldn't get the "roots" of the inspiration for the sword. All in all I say u have a successful exclusive and the folks that actually appreciate it for what it is have proven it by cleaning u out (including myself). I know its way too early but I'd like to see what u have in store for the next exclusive.

  • @Venenor : 🙂

    @Poe..the naysayers will start drooling once some additional colors come out..

    I for one am waiting for the same…i've had enough of different colored he-man swords…the other characters look out of place when they hold a he-man sword..

    SMC swords have definitely helped in giving some variety to the display..

    and honestly even he-man looks better with the sword of ages than the classic one..

  • I thought you sold out on the second run of the dread axes? I too hope that you'll have a second run of these. Poe-xclusives are great for contests!

  • A little Antique Gold on the Pommel and the guard would make it more awesome and keeping the original color scheme almost intact. (Also it kills off the "Plasticky" look. I did that with WP#2 Merman Armor and it looks better. There I used Copper and AG to paint the armor in a scheme similar to the normal MOTUC Armor.)

  • Poe, glad to hear they sold out so quick…just too bad you don't really make anything from this. However, I send my thanks to you for doing so. 🙂 I completely forgot they went on sale when they did…must have got my dates mixed up, I thought it was Monday instead of Friday. However, I will be here for sure to purchase 2 swords when the next batch comes in.