Want to own Leo DiCaprio’s He-Man figure?

Apparently, now you can.

Weird. Thanks to Rustin Parr for the tip.


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  • (Insert We need to go deeper joke here)

    Leo Di Caprio loves MOTU… now I like him better. He should Play Mekaneck in a MOTU movie.

  • Morphy Auctions is located in Pennsylvania, and I remember when they did this auction a few years ago. He didn't just have this one He-Man figure. He had a HUGE, high grade collection of MOTU, ARAH, and Star Wars. The proceeds all went to charity or something, but I think it raised six or seven figures.

    Anyway, it makes the mind boggle what other closet Hollywood geeks are out there!

  • New He-Man movie? The seller is really jumping the gun on that one, isn't he? I mean it has a writer but little else known.