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Remember how Poe stopped collecting DCUC? Well, I always made the exception that I’d continue to collect Bat-characters, and therefore I’m pretty damned excited about Wave 16. I’ve already pre-ordered the wave (gotta get that Bane, and Jonah Hex has so much original sculpting I’ll probably hang on to him–but Mercury will be hitting the trade list).

Mattel released carded pics of the wave on their Facebook page, and I’ve posted them after the jump.

While in the past I’ve thought that double jointed knees and elbows sometimes give action figures a “limp” look, I’ve always thought some characters–particularly Batman–need them. We’re getting closer to that perfect Batman; Robin and Az-Bats have those joints. Fingers crossed that we get a super-articulated Batman in the near future…

Bat-fans are complaining that Azrael Batman’s gauntlet fins are apparently reversed. Oddly enough, I can’t find a single artistic reference for this particular stage of the Az-Bats suit on the Web, so I’ll have to take their word for it. Maybe they’re a separate piece and it’ll be an easy fix.


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  1. George

    I for one am glad to have Poe back on board with DCUC. I stopped checking in on this place awhile back because the lack of DC posts, but maybe this could be a revival..I'm always hopeful.

  2. The Flash III


    I think this is sort of hybrid hinge…it acts kind of like a ball joint. I noticed wave 14 Tyr's gun arm has a funky joint that's probably like this.

    In regards to the packaging, the bubble used to take up the entire cardback, whereas it looks like the top part of these cards don't have plastic. If so, they might be less wasteful, but still too wasteful.

  3. Dankone

    It's a nice wave… Got mine on order a while back. It does seem like a ton of figures who needed upgrades. So for me it's an UPGRADE wave. New Bane looks impressive!

  4. I still love DCUC, but I don't love never being able to find the characters I want. I gots to have Robin from this wave, but I can skip everything else.

  5. monkey boy

    as an avowed batfan i'm surprised to say this but…jonah hex is the figure in this wave i'm most excited about.

    i originally was wowed by an almost entirely bat themed wave but nobody in this wave is too astounding (we've already had an azrael even if it wasn't az-bats, and we've already had a robin and a riddler and even a bane, though the size of the BAF makes it tempting). i'll still probably grab the whole wave, but i'm not nearly as pumped as i once was.

  6. AmericanHyena


    A new Croc I'll give you but the old Scarecrow is pretty much perfect!

    I'm still getting every character if not every variant in the line.

    Regarding the new joints…I can live with them on the occasional figure (especially acrobatic guys) but if the entire line switched I think it would be a little jarring.

    Sure wish we could have gotten them on Copperhead though :-p

  7. AJ

    Poe: Mattel is (grudgingly) willing to give use a ton of new tooling and even completely new sculpts that won't be reused when absolutely necessary (Ares, modern Blue Beetle, and don't forget that Deadshot had a lot of unique tooling over the standard base body). I figure they rationalize the cost on this figure by virtue of it being a Batman variant, and thus a guaranteed seller. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to reissue it under the All-Star banner later on.

    Which reminds me: most of the All Star-figures we're getting are obviously the a-list heroes (and, uh, Power Girl). What villains could logically be reissued as All-Star figures? I know we're getting Joker and Deathstroke. The only other major one I was thinking of was Sinestro, but I don't see that happening with all the furor over the figure's scale.

  8. He-Dan

    Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!

    I hope they are on MattyCollector as it's the only way I'd be able to get them.

  9. jackstatic

    Well, hopefully with the larger package they can increase the size of cnc's… and not give that old excuse of "we're limited by the packaging size" that they give so often

  10. FakeEyes22

    For some reason, I hadn't noticed the package size. I guess MOC collectors can get a better look at the figure…at the cost of an inconsistent collection. I guess they look less cramped, but these Mattel packages seem so wasteful.

    I'm loving the wave, but I'll get negative on this part. It seems like a clear attempt to make retailers or consumers percieve this as "more" while not certainly not upping the accessories or anything. What may be a problem is stores will fit fewer of these in the dedicated space. 3 pegs will fill up with the undesireable characters quicker than 5 I imagine.

  11. PresidentJuggernaut

    Not sure how I feel about the switch to double joints. I never missed them.

    I think they look ridiculous swimming in those oversize packages though.

  12. Richard Grayson

    I thought Robin would have interchangable heads, not a variant. I don't mind not having the second head, but now it'll be twice as hard to get the version I want. Even though the package doesn't say, I think the two curls in the front head is supposed to be Jason Todd and the side part is Dick Grayson. They were pretty hard to tell apart in the comics, but that's the way it looks to me. However, I just want my college-age Dick Grayson analog to correspond with his Super Powers figure.

    And yes, the joints are especially ugly on flesh tone, and the change to double knees/elbows ruins the consistant look of the line.

  13. Nicholai

    I originally came here for your DCUC reviews and I'm still on the line totally and am not losing interest yet. Unlike others I like the new joints, the packaging is nice though I do like the current packaging too. I like all these figures. Good stuff.

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