New DC vs. MOTU 2-packs on

Not sure how long they’ll be there, but you can order the new DC vs. MOTU 2-packs on TRU’s website right now. If you decide to order them, please use the links below…I’ll get a commission that will help me bring you more PGPoA goodness for years to come.

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  • @Poe : doesn't TRU offer international shipping? gonna end up paying double or more on ebay 🙁

  • Bah, I can't order because TRU says my zip code 46368 isn't valid (which clearly it is)…? What the frak!?!?

  • I guess no matter what I'm gonna just be forced to keep paying $30 for each single MotU Classics figure whether it be $20+$10 on mattycollector, $30 for a TRU 2pack, or around the $30 shipped these go for anyway on the secondary market. Having been a loyal DCUC collector these offer no value to me as its just a duplicate DCUC figure with some kinda repainted MoTU. I haven't picked up a regular MotU HeMan yet and the TRU 2pack did give him some fabulous pink jewels so maybe I should just be grateful for that and get it and shut up.

  • I am not too worried. They will eventually make it to the shelves at my TRU and sit there like the other two packs.