The Sword of Ages: Work in Progress pics

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it looks like I won’t have the new Swords of Ages and Dread Axes until the New Year. However, I should be able to have the sale the first week of January, so try to keep a little holiday cash left over.

In the meantime, I asked SpyMagician of Spy Monkey Creations to take some photos as he worked on the Sword of Ages, so that you guys can see what goes into the process. Check ’em out. –PG


Molding and Casting

9 thoughts on “The Sword of Ages: Work in Progress pics”

  1. Cool. There's more work involved than I thought if each casted piece needs to be trimmed and sanded.

  2. Mountain-man, you should've seen the Hammers when they came out of the mold. I spent about a 12 hour day cleaning and prepping the components for the 20 that are going on sale today. Each hammer is in 3 pieces so I had about 60 plus molded items to clean, sand, & fill imperfections on before I could begin painting. It's a lengthy process with lots of steps from concept to final pieces but man we're having a lot of fun doing it.

    I'm kicking myself now for not taking any in progress shots of the sculpting of the hammer. But I'm going to take plenty of pics when I put together the second batch of hammers.

  3. These are definitely awesome WIP pics. Its always cool getting a behind-the-scenes view.

    Can't wait for that second batch's pics Brian-Man. Keep'em coming!

  4. Very cool to see the "making of" pics.

    About how many "pulls" do you get from each mold before you have to recast it?

    Thanks for the great gear!

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