Mezco is also doing Thundercats figures, apparently

Really big ones. From MTV Geek (by PGPoA Pal Lemonjuice McGee): Mezco Mega-Scale ThunderCats™ Lion-O ThunderCats Ho! Straight from the ThunderCats’ Lair on Third Earth, it’s Lion-O and the legendary mystic Sword of Omens. This mega-scale figure measures over 20 inches tall from the tip of his upraised, extended sword to the soles of his […]

Sy-Klone’s packaging & bio revealed

Mattel has revealed Sy-Klone is all his packaged, be-bio’ed glory. (Via Facebook) Sy-Klone’s Bio: SY-KLONE Heroic Fist-Flinging Tornado Real Name: Sy-Klone Son of Dy-Lex Protector of the Legacy Stones and the Last Defender of Anwat Gar, Sy-Klone joined the Masters of the Universe after the Stones were destroyed and his mission completed. He wears the […]

Vintage Toy Ads > Aliens by Kenner

For the most part, I think Kenner’s Aliens & Predator toys were pretty cool, even if they weren’t all that faithful to the movies. The various animal-based Aliens were great–I still have my Scorpion and Gorilla Aliens. The only thing that bummed me out was that they came out a few years after I was […]

Poe Goes to Toy Fair

For the first time ever, Poe Ghostal will be attending Toy Fair this year. More later.

ToyFare: In Memoriam (Updated)

I wasn’t quite sure how to memorialize the end of ToyFare. I can’t say it was a surprise; I’ve been hearing rumors of Wizard’s financial troubles for years now, and given the increasing prominence of the Internet as a source for you news, it was less a matter of if and more a matter of […]