AFI has MOTU, DC, Ghostbusters previews

Keep an eye on ActionFigureInsider, because it looks like they’re going to have some pretty nice previews up soon.

Speaking of Bow, if you had your druthers, what would you have made his “real name” instead of Kyle Reccula? The best suggestion I saw on was “Bowen Fletcher,” although personally I think I’d have just named him “Flynn.”

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  • Bowen Fletcher is a pretty funny name.

    How about Arric Quivers?

    Or Bowheim Stringly?

    Maybe Rob Enhud?

    How about Archer Rose? (A.Rose-get it?)

  • I'm fine with Kyle, it's the Reccula part that gets me… it sounds like he's a sparkly vampire.. maybe they should have just made him a howard stern fan and called him Robin Quivers…

  • I'd be fine with Kyle. But Errol would have been better since he's clearly Errol Flynn inspired.

    I also agree that it's the last name that is not that good.

    For a last name, I'd have went with Sellick. 🙂

  • For me Bow's real Name was always the french name Beau. It would be a nice pun because it is a real name but sounds like "bow" and fits the character because it means "handsome". Perhaps I also would go with a french sounding surname but that would not be a must.