Bandai Thundercats revealed

Some sneaky Thundercats fans snapped some pics of Bandai’s new 3¾” line at the London Toy Fair. Follow the link for the pics–I’m not going to post them here, mostly because I don’t see any reason to get Bandai miffed at me.

Of particular interest to Poesters, I imagine, is the promo pic of a 20cm (8″) articulated Lion-O from what is referred to as a “Collector Figure,” and appears to be based on the original cartoon and not the new one.

33 thoughts on “Bandai Thundercats revealed”

  1. Thunder Tank FTW!!! Even if the figures suck I'm still getting a Thunder Tank. If it has crappy action features I can customize them away.

  2. Sweet! Looks like I'm collecting another toyline. My good friend, the very talented Matt Mercer is voicing Tygra for the show. So I'm already kinda obligated to buy that figure. But after seeing these, I think I'm gonna wind up with all of it.

  3. Another line I've never understood the appeal of, even as a kid I thought the cartoon was shonky, I guess this has the nostalgia appeal to some. An easy pass for me. The little guys look like Mattel's 3/4 DC line to me, ugh.

  4. I like the design of the figures, but they look like they have the typical U.S. Bandai articulation of about 7 joints. That tank is awesome though.

    I actually like the look of the cartoon, the anime designs don't bother me at all, I just hope the animation is decent.

  5. I really like Cheetara's look in the drawing; not sure about Lion-O or Panthro.

    Don't know why they would make 8" collector figures. That puts them out of scale with just about every popular collector's scale. Clueless move.

  6. I'm gonna go with Cheetara's rack FTW. No 6" or even 7" figures FTL. Thundertank IS awesome, but why is nothing in scale with what I collect anymore? Maybe I'll get these and have them fight Fin Fang Foom on the shelf.

  7. Never got into Thundercats as a kid. Cool for all the fans of the property. If the animation is any good I'll check out the new media. Art looks high quality, even if the anime style doesn't appeal to me.

  8. Yeah, too bad they're not in scale with MOTUC. I could see some EPIC battles between He-Man and Lion-O if they were…

  9. That sword is awesome. It's one of those thing you wish you could give your kid self!

    The fuzzy pics already surpassed my expectations. I even dig the cartoon art.

  10. How much articulation on the 7" classics is the question. I wonder if they're just resized versions of the already released statues/busts. Probably unlikely since they're different companies. Bandai vs. Hard Hero. And then there's the price point. The 6" polystone statues from yet another company, Icon Heroes. go for around $60.00 regular price. If the price point is this high, its a bit ridiculous. Then we'll be seeing Mattel as patron saints.

  11. I've never bought a single item that Bandai has ever produced. I just don't want shiny plastic, and the 7" scale keeps me thinking of those gigantically proportioned Power Ranger toys.

  12. As far as I know so far, there is also a larger 6" line coming out along with the 7-8" collectors line.

    Also the vehicles and figures are supposed to have a thunder lynxz feature, like a sound chip or something so the figures interact with the vehicles and playsets like MOTU 200X.


  13. Holy Crap! That Sword of Omens in cool looking *Snarf!*

    DammiT! Why did they have to make Lion-O out of scale with most toylines!?

  14. @Dead Man Walking: in that scale, i wager panthro will be the only one to hit the full 8 inches… every one else will sized to match him, thus around 6 to 7 inches… perfectly compatible w/ DCU, HML, or MOTUC.

    i could be wrong, but i get the sense that's what they're doing.

  15. I don't like the look of the "new" Thundercats, especially Panthro. Give me the classic anyday. If only Silverhawks would get some new life in action figure & cartoon form.

  16. good bye wallet….it was nice knowing you..

    blood….it was nice having you as well but i have to get rid of you to get toys…you can live without blood right?

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