Conan O’Brien’s “Flaming C” – the Action Figure

A few weeks ago, Conan O’Brien got together with Bruce Timm to create the superhero “The Flaming C.” Timm & company followed it up by replacing Superman in a scene of Young Justice with the Flaming C.

And now, thanks to customizer Paul Pape, he has his own JLU-style action figure.

As much as I like the Flaming C and would love to see an exclusive action figure (Mattel’s done it before–just please please don’t make a few hundred of them for staff like Holiday Hal. Make it a Mattycollector exclusive), I think Conan’s other superhero, Moleculo, is funnier.

Thanks to YouBentMyWookie for the tip.


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  • I think it would be pretty sweet to have him in DCUC or JLU style. A Mattycollector or Con exclusive would be ideal–I'd buy one!

  • Holy crap! That was a quick turnaround when it came to a custom. They just showed that clip for the first time on Monday!

    As a huge fan of all things Conan, there hasn't been a lot for me to collect, save for a talking Triumph the Insult Comic Dog that came out years ago. I'm not so much into the new stuff, but I would buy multiples of this figure if it was released.

  • I think this would make a GREAT matty/sdcc exclusive.

    It would be just like doing Mo-larr for MOTUC

  • The Flaming C is one "joke" figure I would definitely buy (I passed on Mo-Larr).

  • If they actually ever made this, I would just take off, the head and put it on a suited character. That way I would have Conan as a host. Hopefully his glasses would be removable. Love how a 30 second clip made me day dream for so long.

  • Pale Force is better, but I’ve loved this whole thing with Timm. He was really having a lot of fun with Conan and it’s cool to see it’s taken on a life of it’s own.

    I’d beat small children with my bare hands to get a Pimpbot figure, though.

  • HAHA this is awesome…. I am surprised they animated it. they must have been working on this for awhile

  • Thats fantastic! He must have been working on this since the original sketch! I don’t buy JLU figures, but this would be a must-have!

  • Does anyone see that GL the Animated Series poster. Am I the only one excited for that? I kinda want that figure, too.

  • That was awesome! I cast my vote for Mattel to make this. Perhaps it might create awareness for JLU at SDCC? It would be great to hide this figure in the crowd with the rest of my JLU figures. They should get that pierre bernard guy to do the card art or something. Perhaps a BT drawing of him with a thumbs ups saying "guaranteed to stand up on it's own"