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MVC 3 by Popcornboy20

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  • Wolvie should be wearing his avengers version of his suit,good stuff anyways!

  • That's gotta be a custom Spidey head at least, right? I checked the other photos in this series(which are all excellent) and I can't imagine I would have ever passed up such a nicely done Romita/Kane head that is free of gloppy blackwash.

    Aside from the photo quality, it blows my mind that this isn't a goofy fanfic shot. These characters will actually be meeting in a game. I keep putting the game out my mind since I loved the first 2 and don't want to be let down by my own hype. I'm thrilled by the number of Capcom characters that I'm familiar with this time and the Marvel side has fantastic choices in newcomers.