Any questions for Mattel?

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  • Will SDCC have any Voltron news or reveals? I was fairly surprised that not a single bit of info was mentioned at Toy Fair. Also, if I may, are Retro-Action Heroes dead? Again, Toy Fair only showed what we'd already known about, without any news of something new on the horizon.

    Thanks Poe.

  • A while back you guys dropped the news of The Faceless One coming in May 2011 to illustrate how far out the line was planned. Care to give us another ways out reveal?

  • Where are the new Masters Vs. DC Classics 2-packs? It took a few months buy the first wave finally reached a saturation point, but the new packs are still scarce. There are still a lot of Skeletor vs. Lex sets on the shelves, did they not move in the end as well as expected? Was the second wave ordered in smaller quantities?

  • Where are the improvements to the 3 3/4" figures we were led to believe were coming with the Green Lantern 3 3/4" movie line? The figures shown at Toy Fair all appear to have the same articulation that the DCIH figures did with no noticeable improvements to articulation.

  • Why did you use such a soft, "rubbery" plastic on the Shadowbeasts, instead of the nice hard plastic from Gygor? It ruined the ankle joints! The plastic can't hold the ankle pegs INSIDE the ankles!!!

  • This question might need to be streamlined a bit, but here it goes:

    Ok, Matty, let's talk turkey: This year, because of the subscription, I have committed myself to spending $350 (not including shipping) on action figures that I haven't seen. That is a lot of money to pay for toys that other than a few SDCC reveals, I haven't even gotten a chance to look at. Does this let you know that I'm committed? Good.

    Ok, so when I have already shown this level of committment to you, why can you not work something out where as a subscriber, I can choose to opt in to purchasing products that are outside of my all in subscription? I'm not asking to sign a blank check to Mattel, but how about sending an email to subscribers 6-8 months in advance, allowing subscribers to choose to opt into purchasing products that are outside of the all in subscription? Why should subscribers have to pay multiple shipping costs? Some of us subscribe because work/school/sleep schedules do not allow us to be available during sale times. What I'm hearing after Toyfair is that even though I told Mattel that I would purchase every figure made this year (except for a vehicle, a weapons rack, and the SDCC figure) now I'm going to have to seperately purchase a new She-Ra (which should be a quarterly A-list variant) to go along with the Swiftwind that is part of my subscription.

    Please do something to alow for these situations. I don't know of any other company (maybe the Columbia Record club) that asks its customers to buy so much product, sight unseen as Mattel does, so please throw loyal customers who just want to buy more product a bone here. Help us out.

  • Is there a possibility of getting the Faceless One's hood interior painted black to better match the animated character or is he too close to production?

  • Simply to dispel rumors, is Mattel committed to finishing teams like the Doom Patrol, Metal Men, and the JSA who don't receive any love in waves 17 and 18?

  • Forgive me hyena, but I must take a shot at re-wording your very question.


    There is a poll on the Matty Collector forums on wether or not people would like the inside of The Faceless One's hood/collar area should be painted black (to accentuate the shadowed look behind his head, inherent to his very design).

    Just one simple additional paint app.

    Here is the poll, featuring a mock-up image of the change:

    As you can see in the poll (linked above), a staggering 97% of people voted for having black on the inside of the hood, and only 3% voted that they like the figure the way it is.

    The majority of the MotUC fanbase finds this to be a crucial, and key element of the character's appearance. Is there even the slightest chance that this one additional paint application would be possible to add, or has ol' Faceless already progressed too far into production?


  • I guess I should probably add: "Can you do this for us?" to turn my rant into a question, huh?

  • As we have an Orko – any chance of a Shadow weaver or some more Filmation related fun?.

    (I know this gets asked a lot, but it never harms to ask again!)

  • You stated that you will now make the 200x Keldor swords to finally make most of us happy. Will you please take into consideration that some of us have multiple Keldors and we'd like each of them to finally get the correct accessory? It'd be nice if they were packed with a Skeletor variant or a weapons pack so it will be easy to equip them with the appropriate figure. Thank you.

  • WWE All-Stars the game is having a set of game branded figures released by you guys, using names who've already appeared in action figure form… is Mattel planning on releasing any cast members of All-Stars who are new to figure form… like, say, Andre the Giant?

  • @PrfktTear: I just saw that one answered over on…ToyGuru said they may not even reveal it until the first packages get opened (i.e., VeeBee at the Fwoosh, or Pixel Dan or something).

  • Any chance of ever re-doing a Wonder Twins with Gleek for those of us that couldn’t make the ’09 show? How about an all pets pack (Krypto, Ace, Streaky, Gleek, Wonder Dog, etc.) for the DCUC, and maybe a Marv and Wendy, too? Thanks!

  • Why do the Sinestro Corps member toys, both in DCUC and DC Retro Action, come with those oddly shaped yellow lanterns? In the comics, a Sinestro Corps lantern looks the same as a Green Lantern only yellow.

  • Has anyone checked that Catra would fit on Swiftwind? This is because Swiftwind will probably form the basis for Catra's horse Storm and it would be good if Catra can fit on Storm the first time around.

  • Regarding Ghostbusters, I don't know whats worse the movie figres which have barely any likness to the actors or ths awful Retro RGB figures. What is your curent plans for the Ghostbusters licence for 2011 since all the stuff so far have been major let downs. Any chance of new head sculpts for the movie figures? Or some actual RGB figures? Gozer or Vigo? Or better yet when is you licence with Ghostbusters up?

  • I'd like to second Nicholai's question, I was going to ask the same thing.

  • @Mario: I just want to say I seen a pic from the new Voltron cartoon of the Black Lion….not impressed.

  • I'd ask about ghostbusters, but I'm pretty sure we won't get anything else until SDCC.

    Thanks for using Stay-Puft!

  • Thought of something to ask…

    Why are marshmallow Ray's goggle minimate sized? Was this a production error or a design error? Will they be corrected in the future?

    Also will Ray have the better proportioned face/head from the lab coat figure, or the "factory squished" head from the regular and TRU released.

  • WWE Question:

    As far back as Elite 1, fans have noted that the coats included with Undertaker and Edge render their figures nearly immobile due to the coats' stiffness.

    Why are these coats still being used (and new ones in this material being made now for Elite Miz) instead of using something softer like Defining Moments Shawn Michaels? Elite figures of Undertaker, Edge, and now Miz cannot be posed in their 'entrance poses' in their entrance gear because of this issue.

  • Every month when my Club Eternia subscription comes, I end up throwing away a ton of packaging. Is there any possibility that green minded fans (or just fans that like to open their toys) could choose to receive their figures in smaller, more eco-friendly packaging? This could also cut down on shipping expenses and make Moss-Man extremely happy!

  • @Mario: I do remember Scott saying a few things about Voltron–specifically, that these would be "the Voltron toys you've been waiting for your whole life."

  • Why does my nearest Wal Mart have approximately 16 DCUC Power Girl figures, two Forager figures, and one Captain Cold? Did they specifically order a case of Power Girl figures? I just want to buy some other (wave 14) JSA figures! And Tyr!

  • OK, I've chosen my questions for the next round, so I'm closing up this thread.

    Lots of good questions this time! I had a hard time picking five.