Any questions for Mattel?

Questions due by 11:59pm on February 13.


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  • DCUC. In wave 16 you have given us a Dick Grayson Robin on the older teen buck, but will we see this version of robin re-done with the younger variant head on the smaller teen body used on Beast Boy at some time in the future? Do you plan on completing both the young sidekick versions of the Teen Titans team and the older Perez era version of the team as ay the moment they are half and half?

  • As Always the Snarf!^2 answers will be posted on the forum…

    Now for my question:

    IF/WHEN Ceratus is made; can he have two heads like his brother Whiplash? (so the Caligar brothers look like they're from the same species.)

  • Just wondering what happened with JLU. We saw so many new 3 packs at Comic on that were supposed to be out in 2010. Did a Factory close again? I have one target with 3 Fire and Ice sets. And another with 2 Flash packs. One target FINALLY got the Manhunters set, that I've had for 4 months now. I asked the department manager and he said quite squarely that


    Very different from your party line about the retailers having control. TRU, Target and Walmart all say that if Mattel would ship it, they would put it out. Why is it so hard for the LARGEST toy company to screw up distribution so badly?!

  • Isn't it the case that Mattel's latest round of asking certain fansites for QC feedback and suggestions, that they are asking fans to in essence become independent consultants, and thus, should owe those websites/contributing fans some form of compensation? Mattel has both R&D and QC departments, aren't their jobs being undermined by outsourcing their jobs to "fan sites?" Is the FTC aware of these requests for uncompensated pitch letters/presentations?

  • For DCUC:

    Are there any plans to get any more New Gods characters again in future waves? A Metron & Highfather are still high on my wishlist.

    When are we gonna get Hawk & Dove?

  • Who put the bomp in the bomp sha bomp sha bomp?

    Thus far with the DC/MOTU Classics 2-packs, one character seems to have omitted an important accessory (i.e.He-Man's Power Sword, Skeletor's Havoc Staff, Mer-Man's Trident). If/When Trap Jaw is released (presumably as a repaint (reddd armor, green skin)) would he come with his three arm attachments (claw, hook, and laser)? Would he have any additional accessories, perhaps an energy bow, repainted Roboto accessories?

  • Will Mattel's recent announcement of increased prices across the board affect the collector lines like DCUC that have ALREADY seen significant price increases lately?

  • As a huge Shawn Michaels fan, and a fan of your fantanstic Elite-style WWE figures, I've been very much looking forward to adding a Mattel Shwn Michaels to my collection.

    One thing however has prevented me from doing so; the complete lack of chest hair on every Shawn Michaels figure to date.

    Shawn's chest hair (and stubble) are trademark aspects of his "look", and his figures just don't look right without.

    Is there any chance that future Shawn Michaels figures going forward may have paint applications to correct this, to give fans the accruate figures that they desire?


  • I second RM's question, also when you going to make a Legends 97 era Shawn hopefuly wiht a new head to look like he did in 97 unlike the Entrance Greats which was suppsed to look like hm n 96.

  • I third RM's question about chest hair.

    And second ReverendEnder's query on the price increases. It seems Mattel's putting the screws to collectors again.

  • I fourth RM's question, but only because I think its funny. There are other wrestlers whose fur make up their look. Razor Ramon comes to mind! =)

  • @PrfktTear, Prince Albert/ A-Train….he is the hairiest wrestler I can think of….who ironically had a skin head. 😀

  • MOTUC- If/When Horde Troopers get released would it be possible to get repaints later on similar to what Star Wars does with its various Storm Troopers in order to spice up our Horde armies? Repaints like Jungle camouflage, desert, stealth, snow variants etc?

  • Maybe this type of Q&A are traps?? You know we as questions on things we like or/and what we want, the more people ask those particular/similar questions that is the part most higher probability they will screw us more…

    Maybe, might be..

  • Any plans for Atrocitus in DCUC? We have three Red Lanterns coming, but their leader has yet to be announced.

    Also, why are third and fourth string heroes still given priority over villains? I guarantee someone like Ra's al Ghul would be far more recognizable to casual buyers due to his multimedia exposure than some of the heroes who have made the cut.

  • greetings! the newest wave of wrestling classics was amazing! my question is, what happened to the bases and name cards?

  • While the implementation of CAPTCHA on the Mattycollector web store seems to have helped with some of the problems on sale day there are still reports of issues with pages like the payment screen automatically refreshing before the CVV code can be entered (I had this happen twice in January). The CAPTCHA process is a nice step towards a "perfect" sale day experience however there is still some work to be done. Will these auto refresh issues be addressed any time soon?

  • @Mark: george the animal steele. WAY hairier than A train… hell, I'M hairier than A train!

  • Thanks for the support, guys! =D

    I guess for TOTAL accuracy, I should have asked about Shawn's skin-tone too, as he has a VERY tanned look, which is also lacking on his figures.

    But then again, one step at a time maybe…

  • how will you get new dc universe product out to retail? this year, 3 out of 5 walmarts in my area that carried dcuc last year do not carry it now. both k-mart and target seem to have an incredible backlog of old product. tru doesn’t seem to care about stocking their shelves. what’s the plan?