Bandai’s 8″ Classics Lion-O unveiled

Toynewsi has what appears to be a rough but large scan from promotional materials of the 8″ Thundercats Classics Lion-O. The article adds that the figure will have 18 points of articulation and come with a with long Sword of Omens, short Sword of Omens, and ThunderClaw glove.

I have to say, the sculpting on that figure is pretty darned good…I wonder whose it is. Anyway, while I’ll be passing on the 4″ line, I’m in for this one.


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  • If there was a property in the 80's I loved more than He-Man it was Thundercats. I can't wait to get this! But I wonder…why does he not have eyebrows?

    In the cartoon he did. Maybe I'll just paint my own on when I get it.

  • Never liked the original show, but I loved the action figures. I still have the Slyyythe (sp?) figure, and he still compares pretty nicely to modern action figures.

    Lets hope these new ones are as good (and easy to get our hands on)!

  • Wow,really looks like the cartoon,no more imagination enhancement.

  • If they release a full line like this figure, the three decade wait will have been worth it.

    Looking at the pic of Warduke to my left has me wanting an update of another great LJN line: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons!

  • I'm in total agreement with Lt. Clutch. Bring back AD&D! Imagine what a new Warduke or Lionheart could look like.

    Oh… and yes… I'll be buying the snarf out of these new Thundercats figures!

  • Screw the new line… This and MOTUC is where my money is going now… (and the GB line IF/WHEN they do a Vigo)

  • What a beautiful figure. Definitely needs eye brows though.

    After all the doubters and Mattel/4H fanboys complained about Bandai getting the licence, Bandai produce this, a Masterpiece. πŸ˜€

  • I'm very interested to see how this does as a mass market line. I'm certainly in for this kind of quality.

  • Love it! Looks like they made these figures look better then the ones for the re imagined show.

  • Nice sculpt, but not as good as the Mezco one. Really interesting thigh cut-joints.

    The 8" scale kills it for me though. He'll tower over He-Man, Thor, etc. I'll have to see him in person before I decide whether or not to purchase him.

  • Very cool. I'll definitely be picking up these figures. Great job, Bandai!

  • Sweet Zombie Jesus, That looks awesome! Is he really 8 inches tall? To what, the top of his hair? Why does Cheetara look nothing like the original if that is what she is supposed to look like?

  • Mixing the words "Bandai" and "Masterpiece" sounds really weird to me. I'll need to see the "Classic" fig's in person before I pass judgment. (considering Bandai's past track record!)

  • looks good but the scale is really killing it for me. I also will have to wait to see them in person or in reviews.

  • I don't get what the big deal is about the 8" scale. I mean who cares about MOTUC, its a different toyline. The fact that it stands higher than He-Man or anyoe else doesn't bother me, I'm just happy we are getting a great Lion-O figure.

    Anyway they are from different planets, it would make more sense for cat people to be bigger than 'humans'?

    Chances are the 8" scale is for the larger figures like Panthro, Mumm-Ra, Grune and some mutants while the others will be between 6" and 7".

  • Dear God I hope he doesn't have screws on his back like most Bandai figures.

  • Wow, I'm impressed, the sculpt looks great. I just hope the paint job is on par and that it doesn't look too plasticy. They definitely have my attention and I can't wait to see what else they've got in store. This could lead down a very slippery slope, but at the very least sign me up for a Mumm-Ra toO!

    @Mark: Really? Really!? Can't you see how awesome it would be to have He-Man and Lion-O figures that are in scale with each other?

  • @Reverend Ender: The Cheetara figure was mislabeled. She's only coming out in the 4 inch and 6 inch scales from the new cartoon. Her 8" will be in the classic duds. My money is on that pic being her 4" version… cause it sucked.

    The 8" Lion-O is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing how those thigh cuts work… (That reads overly sexual)

  • @PrfktTear: I wouldn't mind it all, but its not a big issue for me. I have the 200x He-Man and the new 2011 6" Lion-O will be perfectly in scale with him.

    I don't think 1 inch is a big difference between them when you compare MOTUC He-Man to some of the larger DCUC figures. Around the same height is good enough….isn't MOTUC He-Man 7" high?

  • Don't agree that this is a masterpiece.
    Not into this sculpt at all.

    Not getting these guys.


    Bummer too because I love the Thundercats!

    Happy for everyone that is excited about these, new Tcats figures are a long time comin'!
    But for me to get into another line, I really want to be impressed, and I'm just not at all with this.

  • @Baena: What bothers you about it? I'm no Thundercats connoisseur, but that seems to me to be a pretty straight translation of the cartoon look. I guess I'm not clear on what would have impressed you, unless you wanted a 200X-style redesign?

  • what next?.,,,,etc…

  • Looks cool, but because it's Bandai I will have to see one in person first.

  • @ Poe,

    I feel it's an attempt to mimic the cartoon look, I just don't feel it's there.

    The Mezco giant figure is closer, but even with that one I'm not wild about some of the anatomy choices there.

    The sculpt is too "soft" I think. The anatomy just isn't there for me. There's little grace moving from one piece to another if that makes any sense. (look at the wrist, the neck to the body, the knees.)

    I feel like there's no bones or structure underneath the muscle. Too much curve, not enough straights. the shapes feel wrong. Bandai has often had this problem. It very well could be a style thing, and if so, this just isn't my style.

    Don't know if I've conveyed my feelings well, but that's all I can do for now. πŸ™‚

    Not buyin' 'em.

    I don't want redesigns really. Unless they were really cool. The new toon designs look cool, but again, the way Bandai handled them, I'm very "meh" about 'em.

    I like the look of the Icons Heroes stactions. There are things that could be done to push them stylistically towards the old toon, but at least you can see the sculpts have some structure to them, and whoever is doing them, knows their anatomy and expresses it with flair and grace.

  • @Baena: Well, I'm glad I'm not an artist. I don't know enough to be bothered by the anatomy. πŸ™‚ Y'know, unless it was really bad.

  • @Baena: Artsically speaking, to me, there is nothing wrong with it. Looks just as good as the MOTUC figures.

  • @Mark: Perhaps I misunderstood you. I don’t care if He-Man and Lion-O stand shoulder to shoulder or not. I might expect that Lion-O would be a little smaller, who knows. I like a little variety on the shelf, even if all the MOTUC figures are for the most part the same height. As long as they’re somewhat in scale with each other, that’s all I really care about. I would expect a character like Mumm-Ra to be the tallest, but then you’ve got Sclithe (sp?) who is of course may only be 5” or so in this scale.

  • Way better than I expected. I'll have to see if the plastic looks a litle too toyish in person, but it's pretty ideal. That hair is violently bright!

    I dig the design choice on the overlapping muscle on the thigh swivel. Hips are a challenge, and I prefer this to the DC style slice across the muscles that look weird when moved.

  • Oh yeah, it just occurred to me how cool it is that Thundercats are finally free of whatever legal limbo they've been stranded in for so long.

    Also, can't wait to see how the females are handled.

    Finally, a claw shield that isn't red is a long awaited treat. Now to make Mumm-Ra accidentally look at his reflection in it every other episode.

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  • @PrfktTear: I not to bothered about cartoon accurate scales, but Mumm-Ra needs to be bigger than Lion-O. If the rest are all the same height I have no problem with that.

    @FakeEyes22: Totally agree wit you about the DCUC hip joint. It is terrible. In fact I hate the whole leg articulation design of he DCUC. None of th figures I had ever lined up correctly and looked awful when moved.

  • @ Mark

    I guess that's the fun thing with art and opinions. Anyone is right for themselves.
    I obviously disagree with you on this matter.
    I question your sanity as I'm sure you question mine. πŸ™‚

    I'm happy you're happy about the figure and I wish the line the best as all this publicity for the Thundercats is a good thing.

    I just wish I had a reason to abuse my wallet for the sake of the Thundercats, but both Mezco and Bandai are leaving me cold.

    And until you come up with any solid reasons as to why this sculpt is as good as the Horsemen's work, other than you just think so. I'll just continue to think you're insane. πŸ˜‰

  • @Baena: True, everyones a critic LOL.

    I have nothing against the Horsemen's work, I know they would have done a good job aswell, my problem is with Mattel.

    As a life long Thundercats fan after so many years without any merchadise I am just loving everything, I can't help but be excited. πŸ˜€


  • I have seen Classics Lion-O and Tygra and they are excellent.

    Great job Bandai.