Battleground Teela = Te-Man?

So last night I recorded an appearance on OrccaCast. That episode, which should be out sometime early next week, will feature the reveal of the identity of this thing I teased you about a while back (I’ll have actual pics later in the week). We got to discussing the mysterious “big news” regarding Battleground Teela.

For some reason the thread that ToyGuru discussed this on was deleted and I couldn’t figure out if the posts were moved elsewhere, but fortunately Google cached it long enough for me to get the quote.

I have a feeling if we made “Bikini Teela” a different character (like Vikor if you will) there would have been just as much outrage from fans saying this “should be a variant of Teela!” (which is what it she is). You really can’t please everyone all the time, but the whole point of MOTU has always been to be an avatar for the imagination.

If in your world this design is an all new all different character and she is married to Mer-Man and has adventures through time and space with Gygor than that is just fine too!

Personally, I have her posed next to Vikor as his “bride” on my shelf. It is up to each individual fan on how they want to play out MOTU adventures. But the toy will indeed be called “Battle Ground Teela” with an all new bio about Teela. Plus we have some other plans for this character and design that we have yet to reveal…big plans!

So, the Orccacast boys and I were speculating on what those “big plans” could be, and they had an interesting theory. As we’ve learned from the bios, there’s a period when He-Man goes off into space to fight Skeletor and the Horde, leaving Teela and the Masters behind (maybe). Well, the theory someone tossed out was that Battleground Teela is in fact Teela wielding the Power of Grayskull.

I love this idea–it explains both her more barbaric outfit and her blonde hair, since we know the Grayskull transformation can cause changes (although not traditionally changing one’s hair, but…whatever). You might say, “but didn’t He-Man take the Power Sword with him to Primus?” and I’d answer with, “How the hell would I know?” I never watched that show. And besides, they can do whatever they want in these bios. Maybe the Sorceress endows Teela with the Power of Grayskull while He-Man’s gone. Or maybe He-Man takes the techno-sword and leaves the Power Sword behind. Anyway, I just thought it was a neat idea.

I do know Teela was blonde in her brief appearance on the New Adventures of He-Man. Whether or not the “Power of Grayskull” angle works out, I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow linked Battleground Teela to her appearance in NA.

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  • I like that explaination a lot! And if the power of grayskull could be split for She-Ra, why not again? For that matter, there's already a sword floating around that MAA made which duplicates He-Man's powers so yeah, there's lots of ways they could work it in. Nice one guys!

  • i dont like this idea at all; less and less the more i hear it, in fact.

    wouldn't it be nice if Teela was moreso standing on her own? she's got plenty of mystical background already, why not exploit that instead of turning her into another She-Ra? i'd rather it turn out to be a look she uses after she discovers her true heritage, maybe unlocking some of her own inherent potential?

    she became a snakechick in 200x, her mother is the Sorceress, she ended up with telepathy-ish, etc. plus, if she's bad@$$ enough to become captain of the guard, she should be able to stand on her own as a vital part of the rebellion.

  • I love the idea of a female protector of the sword (much like I'd love it if we got a "He-Man" of color). But if this turns into another "the Sorceress cloned the sword of He…" I am going to go *ugh*

  • Also, I have a CRAZY, BONKERS, ZOMG! idea. What if Teela's hair is blond cause she dyed her hair.

    Now I know that seems insane, but on Earth a lot of females change their hair color many times in their life. I hear Christina Hendricks is actually a natural blonde. Google it.

  • @Dead Man Walking: Obviously that's possible, but do you really think the bios are going to say that?

    Unless maybe she had to hide her identity to protect her dad, or something…

  • @Poe: It's not that I expect the bios to say it, it's that I think people are strange in that they need some sort of justification for it beyond "she's a woman who likes to experiment with her hair color."

    Magic? Secret Identities? Alternate Universe duplicates? Clones? Occam's Razor.

  • I'm just going to use her as a new character, this figure doesn't work as Teela at all for me, but it's not a bad figure on it's own terms.

  • Personally I figure that since she's billed as 'Battleground' Teela, there's a fairly decent chance her story will include something about going back in time to Preternia seeing as that period seems to culminate in the first 'Ultimate Battleground' and it would give her a good chance to be around Vikor as per Toyguru's shelf. We'll find out eventually but it's fun to speculate!

    And in the end it really doesn't matter what the bio story is – we're getting a kick-ass new figure!

  • He-Man's sword in NA was really different than his classic power sword. Not sure if it was supposed to be the classic power sword or not, but it looked nothing like it. Who knows? Maybe Battleground Teela is a transformation Teela goes through after she and He-Man finally get it on and she gets a little of the ol' Power of Grayskull, huh? Huh?

    Yes, I do feel ashamed of my self….

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  • Here's my take on it. After He-Man and Skeletor left Eternia for their New Adventures (see what I did there!?) And Hordak takes over, I think the sorceress dies in a brutal fight with Hordaks horde, in her dying breath she finally reveals Teelas destiny to her, and in a fit of anger over the loss of her mother and the new revelation in her powers, she goes super saiyen, and her hair turns goldish blond!

    Of course I'll be using her as Vikors main squeeze myself.

  • @Sledgehama – yeah, I think you are on the right path.

    It is difficult to weed through the threads on, because they deal with so many different continuity threads from toons, comics, what have you – but they mention Teela-Na, who was the Sorceress before the Sorceress or something.

    Battleground Teela = Teela-Na, the future Sorceress, who is technically Teela because Teela is a clone of her, right? And she would fit right in with Vikor on a shelf. Good call.

  • personally, i like BBT as a lesbian. she looks like the kind of gal that likes her ladies girly, can often be found under the hood of the attack track, and has the best landscaping of anyone in her subdivision. and on weekends, she's in Fight Club (she's doesn't talk about it, but jared leto has a teela sized fist print on his left mandible.)

  • can any of the female figures released so far swoon? i haven't opened most of my MOTUC yet (and probably never open the Goddess after hearing all the horror stories) but i really like dayraven's idea. i immediately imagined BGTeela raising her sword in the air, gun in the other hand, some female swooning in that arm.

  • I have a feeling the actual news won't be as cool or well thought out as that. But if you're right, that makes a lot of sense!

  • To me, this Teela looks like one from the mini-comics in the beginning. Maybe she can be connected to Oo-Lar somehow…

  • @Manteegroo: i actually could see oo-larr making more sense than vikor… but since most of those actually make sense, the official line will likely be "after man at arms was devoured by king hsss, teela equipped herself with a high tech eternian wonderbra to be even more equipped for battle. now she fights alongside skeletor to overthrow hordak."

  • @Josh: define swoon… you could drop the girls down to their knees and have them doing the frazetta thigh grab, but of them, original teela is likely the only head that do the lusty look upwards. the adora/she-ra hair definitely restricts upwards looking. lyn can look up, but not as well as teela can.

    not to mention, i wonder how many folks are snagging BBT for a red sonja custom? lord knows i'm heavily considering two so i have one to do that job with.

  • Not so keen on the face….dosen't look that muh like the mini-comics at all aside from being a woman with blonde hair.

  • Red Sonja-like is the idea moving in my mind.

    I really hope that some new characters are introduced along with our other MOTUC figures to move toward a more Sword and Sorcery theme.

    BG Teela is really nice as a Red Sonja-like character to go along with Vikor, and I will be glad to have both of them…and others that are scaled to fit into the more Sword and Sorcery-Frazetta-like world.

    This line is turning into a really fun line of figures.!!

  • Battle Ground Teela as a female lead…Vikor as "Conan" or whoever you want him to be… Scarabus as an Evil Sorcerer…. and all the other MOTU characters whoever you want them to be… the imagination runs WILD!!

    I like the BG Teela figure.!!

    This is turning into a great line of action figures…however ya want to "play it"!!

    An "avatar for the imagination" is "right on"!!

  • @ Stephen:

    In the Power of Shazam! comics written by Jerry Ordway, if Mary and Billy were using the power at the same time, their overall power level was halved. I think the Power of Grayskull should be treated the same way, or some explanation should be given that He-Man and She-Ra can only access so much power at a time. However, I thought lineage came into play in accessing the power. That would eliminate Teela's eligibility.