Last day to vote for Man-E-Faces’s colors

Just a reminder–the poll about the colors for MOTUC Man-E-Faces ends today. Vote now!

The Four Horsemen and all four Roast Gooble hosts have stated they want the flesh-toned MEF. I voted for the middle ground, which should be classic Poe to those of you who know me personally. Anyway, barring a big last-minute surge, it looks the middle ground is going to win.

1,200 votes seems surprisingly low to me….far more action figures will be produced than there are people voting for it.

That said, we can always get the flesh-toned MEF in a DC vs. MOTU 2-pack with Two-Face–if those keep going. Given my inability to find on at any TRU anywhere, I’m not sure what the likelihood of that is.

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  • I honestly don't care which they pick, so I'm going to let people who do have an opinion make the call. That may account for the low numbers, there's not a huge difference between the three choices, so a lot of people may not care.

  • Give me vintage orange. I always liked how different his skin color was than the other characters.

    If they plan on doing two versions of the character, I'd prefer they did one light-skinned (flesh-tone being an imprecise word, as flesh can be a huge range of shades) and one orange one.

    If they do one light-skinned and one light/orange mix, the only people who lose are the ones that wanted orange.

  • RE: small numbers of voters, keep in mind that many MOTUC collectors buy 2 or more figures. I.e there are less collectors than figures sold.

    Beyond that, there's probably a lot of people who just don't care to register for the matty forums.

  • I went with the original toy color just because that seems to make the most sense to me. I know that in the minicomic, MEF gets his extra faces because of Skeletor's magic, but I've always thought he was a master of disguise, and thus by having the orange "body suit" outfit, his disguises can actually work.

  • I like the orange.

    I fondly remember this one from when I was a kid. I used him as a kind of half-assed stand in for Galactus. If you squint he looks a bit like him.

    Sort of.


  • I went with the middle ground. I didn't realize that the Toy Fair model wasn't purely cardback at first, so I was torn. The little bit of toy orange to go with a sculpt that matches the cardback more than the toy works for me.

    I find the "body suit" talk odd. I always figured he had orange skin, just like they ended uo coloring the 2002 version. The paint on the arms and face of the vintage were a bit more skin toned than the torso plastic, but it seemed to me that they were supposed to match. Paint tones never quite matched plastic back then.

    I hope the Classics version has a single color on all the "skin" areas.

  • I picked the middle choice. I almost chose the orange for the original toy look though. The light-skinned one isn't bad and it's cool for the folks who like the original art look but for me, I'm partial to the looks of the original toys on most of these characters. The middle ground is a nice mix so I went with that.

  • Ok, so here is my reasoning for why I chose the orange MEF. If MEF is supposed to be a Master of Disguise (I always used him as such), than it makes no sense for him to be wearing the blue armor over bare skin. You'd see this robot or monster head and say "Why is that guy wearing a mask." If he is wearing a body suit of some kind, however, then he good be a monster or a robot in that outfit.

    Since many of the monster races in MOTU (and the Robots) all have similar builds, it would seem to make more sense and make his disguise more convincing. If Roboto's chest wasn't clear, or if he had a shirt on, he's look like a regular person, just with a Robot head.

  • I voted orange.

    Personally, I think that the "half/half" version is a real drag.

    I'd rather they just made us choose toy vs cardback.

    That way everyone would (eventually) win, as you know they'd do a 2nd version at some point. But will they end up doing 3? Not as certain…

  • I voted orange…I just think it's more visually appealing & eye-catching. My favorite MOTUC are guys like Trapjaw & Whiplash, whose colors explode off the shelf. The vibrant colors are a big part of the appeal of MOTU to me.

  • I dunno; I find the flesh tone makes me uncomfortable, but I can't quite nail down why.

  • having him with caucasian skin and blue armor straps is too s&m for me.. I voted orange, since I, too, thought he was wearing a jumpsuit of some sort

  • I prefer the orange like the original figure. I just assumed he was really tan, or he just ate lots of carrots. Like MisterBigBo, the flesh tone is just, erm, uncomfortable. I just hope they don't use the same orange as the millennium figure. The update/sculpt was fine, but MEF was one of my least favorite figures partially due to the color.

    @JediCreeper: I LOL'd, I was thinking the same, but mostly it's true. Of course the same could be said for a few other characters too! 😉

  • I voted for the half-and-half, because it still looked like skin to me based on the photos I've seen from NYTF. Now that I've thought more about it I wish I could change my vote to the flesh-colored promo colors.