Masters of Destruction

Today’s Teefury shirt is so awesome, my head bulged momentarily from near-explosion. While I go see a doctor about that, you order this. It’ll be gone in thirteen hours, so order soon!

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  • I'd love to see Teefury treating their prints with a little more understatement. I don't like looking like a billboard on two legs. Half the size of the print would have been sufficient. For me, their print-size policy is a constant deal breaker. 🙁

  • That being said, I love the artwork. I had the original Guns 'N Roses shirt and it was my first band-shirt ever.

  • Out now!With such Great Eternian hits like:

    Beastman's "Welcome to the Jungle"

    Skeletor's commanding song "Paradise City"

    and everyone's favorite…

    Sorceress bittersweet sad ballad"Sweet Child of Mine"

  • @Too-Many Faces

    I totally agree. Something like Poe's title, "Masters of Destrustion" or something that didn't explicitly tell you the joke is always a little better.

    It's still so very awesome that this exists!

  • Damn I wish I would've known about this site yesterday! A Han Shot First tee! Oh well, this MOTU shirt rocks!

  • I'm pissed, I had no idea it was a 1 day only print. I really wanted to grab 2 of them..Did anybody get XL and maybe wanna sell 2?

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