New Thundercats cartoon trailer


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  • I can already see this going the way of the 200x MOTU series. Starts off decent, shows some promise, then Cartoon Network starts shuffling it all around different time slots so you never know when it's on; then it gets to the point when people stop looking for it.

  • @clark:

    They always do that to shows they don't fully own like Ben 10.Also,wow,the trailer is awesome,looks cool,I guess all the adventures are on Thundera not Third earth.

  • The figure designs didn't really interest me and neither does this trailer so I'm gonna pass. Way too anime for my liking. The Classics look great though so I'm on board for them.

  • Wow…that is….drastically different from what I was expecting. Not bad, just…different.

  • Very, very cool. I really like the animation and the character designs. Cannot wait to check out this series and find the action figures on store shelves.

  • Still not for sure on this one so am just going to wait and watch a few of the cartoons to make my call.

  • Mecha-Shiva, I could see all those clips being from the pilot or first couple episodes, maybe showing life on Thundera so it has a bit more impact when it goes kablooey… or not, who knows. Looks great though!

  • Oh my gosh!! This doesn't look like the original Thundercats! This clearly doesn't look like it was produced in the 1980's! Did Michael Bay direct this or something?!?! They didn't even give Cheetara the correct unitard and Lion-O's hair is the wrong color. This looks like Pokemon or any of that other Japanimation stuff! Epic PHail!! I hope LJN sues this company!

  • You can really see the anime influence–with his round face and spiky hair, Lion-O looks disturbingly like a furry Naruto.

  • I liked what I saw, I will give them a try and I hope the new cartoon will be successful. I was impressed with the articulation of the new 6" cartoon based toys, I just wish 200X MOTU got the same treatment.

  • I think it looks amazing. Cats Lair, Jaga, Grune and Claudis, its all there. They are giving them a good back story showing Thundera etc. I think these clips though are just from the pilot or possibly the first couple episodes….if you notice Panthro isn't in the trailer. I am so happy. 😀

  • I'm not sure what to think of that. It looks a hair too anime for my taste but it's hard to tell from just the trailer.

    I don't know. I'll definietly give it a shot though. It didn't look terrible.

  • I'm glad that everybody is recognizable, but that it's not just a complete retelling of the 80s series. That show was great, and I'll watch the old episodes when I want to see them. I'm excited to have a new twist on the Thundercats. I wish it wasn't as anime as it's coming off, but as long as the stories are good I won't be too bothered.

  • Well that looks like it's taking itself all a bit too seriously. All the choir voices and drums had me rolling my eyes the whole time. I know it's only a taster, but I think they've missed the "feel the magic, hear the roar!" of the original.

    It's very different in atmosphere to the original. Different isn't necessarily bad, but for me, this is a turn off.

  • Had the done 'Feel the magic……' there would be complaints of trying to be nostalgic and copying the original.

  • @Mark:

    exactly. they were damned if they do damned if they don't I am glad they are doing their own style and letting it stand on its own.

    I am pretty excited about the new toon now more than i was before and i am a staunch TC classic supporter.

  • @Thomas B: Yeah I am a pretty hardcore original Thundercats fan (seen eeryepisode andallfigures minus DRLLER AND tinger 🙂 )aswell but man I sooooo love this new show its going to be epic.

  • Really enjoying this trailer.

    Looking forward to the show for sure!

    Wish I could say the same for the toys, but I'll stop harpin' on 'em.

    To me, this is just on par with the 80's… MotU were the toys to get, Thundercats is the show to watch. 😀