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DSCF0211 by Poe Ghostal

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  • The only thing I didn't like about that game is that Batman looked a little too large, like a body builder. Is it just me or is he slimed down a bit on the figure?

  • @Mark: It seems clear the cape portion on the test shot hasn't been properly glued down, and therefore the neck might not be, either. I suspect it'll look fine once it's properly assembled.

    @Paul: He definitely seemed slimmed down, which I like. And heck, in terms of beefiness, he's a lot better than the next best modern Batman (imho).

  • the cape sits strangely on the shoulders though… i'm hoping that that's just a feature of a rushed show sample. otherwise, it's not bad. it's not as game-accurate as the DCD one is, but it's got articulation… oh the woes of toydom.

  • @Poe:

    Speakings of which…the other modern Batman they had on display there. That's just the DCSH Batman with the Sinestro Batman head, yes?

  • @americanhyena: Yep. I'm not sure how I feel about it–I have a hunch the DCSH8 one will end up being the better-looking of the two, if only because DCSH8 had overall better paint apps and plastic.

    But AC Batman will finally replace DCSH8 Batman as my best 6" Batman…

  • @Poe

    Yeah but I can headpop this new one and give him the standard dcuc Batman head. That's the Batman I've always wanted but couldn't justify spending a fortune to get the old dcsh figure.