Random acts of nerdery

I’m currently taking classes to get my Master’s in library science, and one of the first things you have to do is pass a technology competency test. It includes putting together a very basic webpage on any topic. To get credit, the page has to include the following:

  • Page title
  • 2 section headings of different sizes
  • A paragraph of text
  • A bold or italic phrase
  • A list with at least 3 items
  • A link to an image that has been uploaded to your webspace
  • A hyperlink to a PDF file you have created and uploaded to your webspace
  • A hyperlink to another web page

I’m sure many of you can guess where this is going–here’s my page.


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  • Well done. I also love the simple synopsis of the story. To be honest, I much prefer that simple breakdown of the story as opposed to the long and convoluted story we get today.

  • @Newt: My favorite part is the list. Having that be the unordered list required for the assignment cracks me up, for some reason.

  • Being someone who is interested in the representation and Preservation of information, I'm impressed and fascinated by your goal of a Master's in library science! I probably should have done that instead of Computer Science….

  • I'm heartened to see that private colleges make their students jump through ridiculous hoops, just like the public institutions of higher <del>capital acquisition</del> learning.

  • That is some wicked old school jazz man! You should have added some CSS to blow the instructors mind!

  • Whoa! I think this site needs some animated gifs and a bitchin' looped midi that can't be muted or paused.

    I remember having to make one of these for school in IT, I wrote a page about defending yourself from artichoke trolls.

  • Library Science actually sounds pretty cool, Poe. When I think of Library Science it's hard not to think of Barbara Gordon also, being that's her specialty.

  • When I first looked at the posting's title with all of the rules and details below, I thought this was going to be an attempt at a Topless Robot styled conest on Random Acts of Nerdery.

  • "One of us. One of us. One of us."

    Technically, mine is a MSIS. But it's all one big happy library school family, isn't it?

    Are there any other librarians or archivists out there amongst the Poesters?

  • I worked in a used book store for a few years between college and grad school. Does that count?