Scarabus goes up for pre-order this Tuesday, March 1

The 10-pack of the long, long-awaited Scarabus figure from the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive goes up for pre-order this Tuesday. (I own the black/white variants from the Toypocalypse event, and they’re on my long, long list of backlogged reviews.) Looks like the figures themselves will arrive in June.

Details after the jump.

Scarabus figure 10-packs will go up for pre-order this coming Tuesday night (March 1st, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet – Store Horsemen.

Each Scarabus 10-pack contains one of each of the Scarabus variants, including Scarabus himself, (see images below) as well as a free Four Horsemen poster/print signed by the Four Horsemen!

While the upcoming Scarabus three-packs, two-packs & singles will be priced so that each figure will be $30.00 each, and will be spaced out in monthly pre-order releases to help your wallet as much as possible, if you pre-order the Scarabus 10-pack, you’ll be able to save on both cost and shipping!

In the 10-pack, you’ll get all 10 figures and the poster/print for only $275.00 (plus shipping & handling)!! That’s only $27.50 per figurea $25.00 total savings!! Plus, you’ll be saving on shipping charges by having them all shipped to you in one box as well!

Also, pre-ordered 10-packs will also be shipped out to our customers before any of the other upcoming multi-packs or singles. You’ll have Scarabus and all of his variant forms & minions before anyone else in your neighborhood!

Please be aware that this is a pre-order, but the figures are currently in production and we expect them to arrive in our warehouse by early June, if not sooner.

So, are you in for all 12, or are you going to pick and choose from the single releases?

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  • Wow… I wish I could get them all, but count me in for the Lord of the Resurrected. I might consider Anubos and Horos.

  • This is the first of the Fantastic Exclusive designs that just doesn't really do any thing for me (though, of course, the sculpting is top notch).

    Even if I were interested though, the reality is FE figures have proven to be MUCH to prone to breakage (particularly weapons, but also limbs in some cases) to justify the cost. As is I'm still strongly considering unloading all of my FE figures on eBay.

  • @AmericanHyena: Do you own any of the Minotaurs? I found those to be of the highest quality–possibly the best action figure I've ever owned.

    All the FE stuff since has had QC problems, but not Xetheus. And the Horsemen have assured us that Scarabus will have that same level of quality.

    I'll review the Toypocalypse Scarabus soon and let you know.

  • I own Xetheus himself. His hooves/loose ankles made him one of the most problematic shelf divers I ever had. And because he was so top heavy he'd take figure stands with him. Finally on the sixth or seventh shelf dive, he broke at the ankle. I also had his scythe weapon cleave in half just from falling over (not even off the shelf.)

    I also had the lead elephant (I forget his name) with an upside-down tusk, which thankfully I was able to re-glue back into place. I'd say at least three or four of the elephants weapons snapped in half. And all of the elephant wave topples like crazy (and I have the newer production ones).

    I got both of the human women and the blue cat. I opened both of the human women and ALL of their weapons snapped in half. I haven't opened the blue cat yet, but I'm guessing it'd be the same.

    And don't even get me started on the Time Keepers…

    I mean…look…I feel bad saying it, because I LOVE the Horsemen's work. I have the entire DCUC line and every MOTUC character but Wundar. And the guys actually were super accomodating in letting me mix and match the elephant wave when they were selling it on clearance and even replaced one of the weapons when it broke straight out of the package.

    But broken toys is broken toys and I've had A LOT of broken Fantastic Exclusive toys.

  • The figures are beautifully done, and they have all that 4H hyper-detail I love, but I'm just not really into the sorta demonic look of the character. I'm not a religious person, but I tend to not be interested in characters that have that look. I did buy MS Mephisto, but for his chair.

    I'd consider buying Anubos, but the cloven feet don't really seem to fit the jackal face.

  • That Azazel figure is extremely cool. I wrote a paper on Azazel and the azazel ritual for a class last semester, so that would be a neat little trinket to have around. Hellboy could fight him.

  • @Poe:

    Lucky, lol. It's a shame because I think Xetheus is a BEAUTIFUL figure. Same goes for Ramathor (is that it? Still can't remember his name and too lazy to look it up.)

    I'll say this…I do think that the human girls are both really good actual figures, especially the evil-looking one with tribal bones.

  • That whole set is tempting!

    I'll probably just stick with the standard since I don't need so many similar guys. I find the regular one's deco a little too busy, but he's the main one and the others are simply impossible to choose from.

    I think the QC will be decent this time, it seems like they're pulling out all the stops on this one. My Alluxandra had a staff snap right away though. My Rammathor and green alien variant were both from the low quality batch, which was reflected in the description and low price.

  • @AmericanHyena: ramathorr, yes, was the lead elephant of the anitherian guard.

    i certainly understand some QC concerns, but the horsemen have been very reassuring on fan ex about the QC being in line this time, and the early reports in from folks who attended the toypocalypse event all reaffirm that scarabus is much stouter QC wise that past figs, as are his weapons.

    poe, bro, not to rush, but i think tues might be benefitted much if you could get that review up, say, mon? 🙂

  • I love the 4H's work. Love the DCUC and MOTUC stuff… and couldn't be happier.

    But those TimeKeepers fell apart on me and I had a very hard time keeping them together. Hands fell off, spurs fell off, …. really a lot of problems.

    Still a fan of the 4H… and want Scarabus badly. Hope he's of better quality.

  • They look lovely, I'd be up for a Dormant Version and Anoubos but I'll wait to see if the QC holds out on them before I buy.

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  • These all look great, and after seeing the 2 Ups in person, I really wanting all of them. There's just no way I'm gonna have the extra cash to blow in one lump sum like this. Dammit.