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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Mr. G submits this for your disapproval:

Writes Mr. G:

Found this at the local TRU at Torrance, Ca. Somebody used a box cutter to neatly slice the packaging just to get the BAF. It is barely noticable without lifting the flap. Clever, but a douche nonetheless.

Indeed. Stealing BAF parts reeks to me not of the collector but of the profit-seeking troll, which, on a scale of toy aisle trolldom, is the worst you can be. He’s obviously stealing these parts so he can sell the completed figure on eBay. Given the malice aforethought that clearly went into this crime, why not put all that effort to good use and maybe legitimately earn $50, y’know, working at a job? I guess that’s asking far too much of someone this much of a scumbag, though.

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  • Must be a scalper. A real GL fan would want the Manhunter… It's not like we are talking about an unwanted peg warmer like Booster Gold after all.

  • I agree that this guy is a scumbag, but I don't see it being at all obvious that he's stealing the parts to sell.

    In fact, if I had to guess, I'd think he'd more likely be a collector who wants the build-a-figure, but doesn't want to drop $100 or whatever amount of money for some figures he doesn't want.

    Of course, I'm a bit biased about this, b/c there are many times I want the BAF, but a number of the figures I have to buy go in a bin with the rest of my unwanteds. I never would have bought opaque-glasses Eradicator, fat-faced Mary Batson, or a number of other figures if not to get the BAF pieces. And who would have ever bough shrunken Sinestro, if not for Grundy?

    Ok, I know some people would have bought him. Still the curse of the BAF is that at times you will have to buy figures you don't want. If I were an unscrupulous person, I might be doing what this troll did.

  • I actually have to return my Manhunter to TRU. I ordered GLC series 1 from their online store and as punishment they sent me a Manuhunter with a screwed up collar piece.

    The problem is I already assembled Arkillo and I haven't seen any Manhunters at the stores in my area, so I'm stuck with a crappy Manhunter (he's actually crappy without the defect, anyway).

    Great job, QC Dept.!

  • What an ass… I hope he cuts himself accidentally with his box knife!

  • This trolls punishment should be being Manhunted.

    All my Walmart has in the GLC section is 3 Manhunters. He's very puny for a badass robot.

  • I've already seen two Manhunters in the L.A. area stripped of the Arkillo piece. Not as cleanly as this though.

    The worst was finding an entire Trigon wave gutted of their Trigon pieces.

    Am I correct in assuming, btw, that Manhunter is packed in higher numbers per case? I see him pegwarming everywhere.

  • @Dead Man Walking: i'm inclined to agree w/ DMW here, i can easily see this being a disgruntled arkillo fan who didn't want to shell out for figs he didn't want.

  • While I do not approve of Trolls and their nefarious activities, I would say that some lucky army building collector may be able to negotiate a lower retail price for this compromised Manhunter figure at check-out. So, in the end, one of the good guys will win. Plus the Troll left the lantern accessory, which was very nice. I'd buy that Manhunter at a decent discount, but I already have five on display. Which reminds me, if that Troll wanted an extra C&C torso, why didn't he just ask? A bunch of us army builders have several extras on hand!

  • Not having worked at retail, what does TRU do with all the returned stock? If a collector bought this, found its little surprise, then returned it, would it be sent to Mattel for compensation? Mattel would of course notice it's tampered with and not pay.

    I ask because I know some retailers just throw this stuff away when it's made known to them, so would it be possible that many of these thefts are thanks to empolyees? Stockperson knows defective item will be trashed, he scopps the BAF part then waits for the whole package to be tossed in the dumpster?

  • @misterbigbo: I don't what any retailer's official policy is, but I have seen opened items like this marked down at different Toys R Us stores.

    Of course, I have also seen evidence at various retailers – including Toys R Us – of general apathy toward opened or otherwise damaged stock on their shelves.

  • That’s an interesting theory to postulate. I myself can’t recall having seen too many items that look like they have been opened/returned and then restocked at a discount.

    Shortly after Christmas I remember viewing a news story article on Best Buy and how they will sell items at a reduced price that have been returned and are not defective. Many groceries stores have “damaged goods” rack somewhere in the back of the store next to the outback entrance where you can pick up a discounted can of soup that might have a dent in it, or maybe in the bakery there are cakes that are reduced for quick sale. Of course consumables are a lot different than toys or electronic goods.

    I do remember once at Wal-Mart spotting either an Ultra or Voyager Class Transformer that had been obviously opened and poorly sealed shut with tape. I would have picked it up but it was still at full asking price.

    I doubt Mattel or any company for that matter would compensate for an item that has been tampered with, as that is theft and is not their responsibility. Most stores have an overhead built into their budget to account for theft, so yeah, its possible that these kinds of things just end up going in the garbage without even being put up for a discount, which is a shame, not only does this drive up costs for consumers, but no doubt that figure will end up in a landfill somewhere so that’s a waste of the plastic it was built with.

    All this so some asshole can get a part for a figure and either scalp it or keep it for himself. If you ask me, both are equally bad, but I think there is something intrinsically wrong with a collector who can justify his or her actions.

    You might even expect some low life, scum sucking scalper would do this, it’s in their blood, and for that there is a special place in hell reserved for them, right along with Jay-Walkers and people who don’t flush toilets.

    Yet for someone who considers themselves a fan or a collector and can do this obviously has no conscience and must lead a sad and empty life.

  • I can't even FIND any Manhunters, and this douche is ruining them! I would TOTALLY army build these guys, and I probably would buy this opened one at a discount. The only GLC I have found is Low/Maash. There must be some hardcore collectors here in the City of Brotherly Love.

  • @Reverend Eater–That stinks you can't find any, they are definitely the peg warmers in my area. Walmart and TRU both only have manhunters left.

    Around the time when DCUC 9 was hitting pegs (or not showing up at all) I kept finding them at TRU with missing BAF. When I brought that to the attention of the TRU manager she told me that they are arriving that way from their warehouse, and this was the second batch they received with the BAF pieces missing.

    However, the thing that really bothered me was that they wouldn't discount the figures for me, so I left them there for some disappointed kid.

  • This has been happening more and more and it will increase as the prices of figures go up.

    I have had to buy a lot of figures i didn't want to get the C&C piece.

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