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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Poester MB must live in a troll-heavy area, because he drops not one, but two douchetrocities on us:

Writes MB:

Found both of these at the same Wal-Mart in Greenville, SC. The only Kyle that I have seen and the plastic was cut with a box cutter in the shape of the sword. What makes it even better was that they also took the box cutter as the package for that was on the shelf on the other side of the aisle. I’m sure that the Brave and Bold one just had Superman pulled out of the hole at the top, which is exactly what I thought I would see when I first saw this set.

At least the Kyle remains intact in its package–even the BAF part is there. I’m wondering if this wasn’t just a case of a careless employee slashing the package as he opened the case of figures. I missed the fact they stole his sword. Terrible.  And odd. He really wanted just the sword that bad? AND he stole the box cutter he used to do it? Wow. I assume this guy will be be moving up from torturing pets and stealing toys to the FBI’s Most Wanted in a few years.

There’s no excuse for stealing the Superman figure–much less from a toy set aimed at five-year-olds. Unless said excuse is “I’m a total douchebag”–which doesn’t excuse the theft, but at least would be honest.

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  • Actually, I gotta say, if the Brave and the Bold line is indeed on its way out, that Metallo is a pretty nice piece to go out on. I was playing with him in store and the battle damage chest feature is pretty dang cool.

  • @americanhyena: I don't have any problem with adult collectors collecting the line–I've got a couple myself–I just think stealing a BATB figure a young kid might enjoy is extra douchey.

  • BATB is on its way out? I thought it was doing well.

    They were sort of inviting theft of the Superman figure – or at the very least damage to him – with that package design. Not that that excuses the scum who actually do steal Supes. But when I first saw that pack, I also expected to see a good number with him missing. And I agree, Poe, it is extra douchey to steal a figure from a line aimed at kids.

  • I've seen that BATB set in a couple of stores lately and both had the Superman figure lying in the bottom of the box. The invitation to shake it must be irresistible to kids.

  • I haven't even seen Kyle around here. And I keep seeing him on eBay, loose (which would usually be fine by me) but without the sword.

  • @Vincent Murphy: Could that be what happened here–could the figure be at the bottom of the box? People just submit these to me, I can't verify anything outside the photos.

  • why does everyone think it is an ADULT collector that stole that superman?

    It could just as easily be a kid so that means it is a tiny toy isle troll. look at the extra alliteration i just added!!!

  • Call me jaded, but whenever you post pictures of swapped figures I always assume the person that sent it was the offender. Guess I'm just a bitter person.