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First off, just so you all know, I only went to Toy Fair for Saturday and Sunday. But I’ve got plenty to write up about–so much that I’ve decided to break it down. I’m going to discuss a few topics, like MOTUC, in its own post; others, like NECA’s licenses, I’ll group into one post.

First up, we have Masters of the Universe Classics (you can see my pics gallery here). Previously unannounced/unrevealed figures:

Before we go any further, be sure to vote on the Man-E-Faces color issue (this is an official vote by Mattel). What’s all this then, you say? Well, the original Man-E-Faces figure had a blue-and-orange color scheme. But anecdotal evidence, such as the vintage packaging art, suggests the orange parts were actually supposed to be flesh-colored. The figure on display at Toy Fair had a sort of in-between coloring–orange-ish pink–and I thought it was a great compromise, so I voted for that. But you should vote as you think best.

My thoughts on the reveals:

DSCF0350The Faceless One: In terms of the body sculpt, this guy is amazing. The colors and armor look great (though I’ve now become wary of the Keldor boots, as these seem to cause consistent problems with warping when pulled from the molds).

The glowing red Havoc Staff was a great idea too, and I’m looking forward to finding out its origin in the bio.

But as many have noted, the Faceless One…has a face. Not much of one, to be sure, but a face nonetheless. I think most of us were expecting an unbroken field of white, somewhat like The Blank from Dick Tracy, with perhaps some slight indentations for eyes and a mouth, and a slight prominence for a nose. I didn’t get a chance to ask the Four Horsemen why they decided to sculpt it this way, but it’s definitely odd. At the very least, he should have no mouth.

DSCF0248Battleground Teela: Of all the MOTUC figures shown, I have to say I’m most excited for this one. She’s based on Teela’s appearance my favorite work of MOTU fiction, the three-issue DC comics miniseries from 1982-3. I’m curious to see whether and how the bio explains her blonde hair, though.

This is the new female buck for MOTU, and I think it looks great. The blaster and sword are straight out of the comic, too. I think she’ll look best next to Vikor, though, which again makes me wonder why they’re actually making her Teela and not, say, a new character, or perhaps a pre-magical Goddess (Sharella) or an pre-Grayskull version of Teela Na (the Sorceress).

DSCF0253 Clawful: I’ll admit this is one case where 200X has it all over vintage, and it’s awful (*rimshot*) that we’re not going to get a 200X head here. The arms and claw look cool; the torso armor looks great; and the shell-shield is neat. But that head…oh, that head. It’s so goofy. With the eyes and furry eyebrows, he looks like Animal from the Muppets.

Again, I realize it’s based on the vintage figure, but the vintage figure was goofy, too–goofier than the rest of the line it was a part of. Only Loo-Kee was goofier.

DSCF0360 Man-E-Faces: I’m psyched for this guy. It’s a fairly straightforward translation of the original figure, but personally I’m a fan of the light orange they used for the arms and chest, which does nail the middle ground between the two choices.

The faces will turn via the dial, just like the original figure. Ultimately I have to say I’m a bit underwhelmed by MEF; he needs something else to give him some oomph, which may be why he’s getting some sort of secret accessory as well. (It had better not be another ring.) Any guesses as to the accessory?

DSCF0234 Megator: Bit of a surprise here, as I wasn’t sure we’d get the big guy in 2011. He looks fantastic, though–I just can’t resist a giant green monster. The ball-and-chain look great, and apparently he’ll also have a secret accessory. The articulation does look more or less identical to Tytus, however, which I know is a big turn-off to many of you. Any guesses as to his secret accessory?

Other stuff:

Panthor and the Grayskull Weapons Rack were also there. The rack looks a bit bigger than I think it seems from the early pics, and should be a nice display piece. I don’t relish the thought of having to jostle with everyone else for it on Mattycollector, though. I’m loving Battle Armor Skeletor’s purple axe.

And on that note, there was also another important revelation at the Mattel Collector event. It’s yet another example of Mattel’s Jekyll-and-Hyde treatment of fans.

It seems that while the Horsemen had worked hard on a way to get She-Ra to fit on Swiftwind, nothing was quite working, so they’re going to re-release She-Ra with some major changes on the same day as Swiftwind. She’ll be using the new female buck for Battleground Teela, she’ll have a softer skirt and more poseable legs to help ride Swift Wind better, and she’ll be a bit shorter than the existing She-Ra. To make up for the new tooling, she will only come with one new unmasked head with no hole and a vintage toy mask that clips on (another fan-requested feature).

However, this updated She-Ra will not be part of the subscription–which, of course, sucks. I’d much rather they perhaps changed her deco a bit more, maybe added an extra accessory, and made her a full bonus figure and thus, part of the subscription. But that’s because I’m really bitter about any instance in which I’m forced to use Mattycollector.

Mattel really needs to start offering an opt-in feature for subscribers for non-sub items. They ask subscribers to commit to spending hundreds of dollars on toys sight unseen, then negate the single advantage subscribing offers–not having to worry about visiting Mattycollector–by not including the items most likely to cause a frenzy, i.e., the brand-new stuff like large beasts (in 2010) and display items/vehicles (in 2011). It’s maddening.

Anyway, that aside, I’m excited about most of what was shown. Here’s how I’d rate the reveals, starting with my favorite:

  • Battleground Teela
  • Megator
  • Faceless One
  • Man-E-Faces
  • Clawful

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  • Well, it's early enough in the year, perhaps if we yell at them long enough, maybe we can get the new She-Ra added to the sub?

  • The most exciting figure for me is Man-E-Faces. I've been really looking forward to Mr.Faces. I'm kind of neutral on the rest of the announced figures. Most are not bad choices but I'm not very excited either. The only figure I question is Brass Bra Teela. It feels like they just through this one in to get there money's work from the new female buck. I would like to see an unproduced character not a Teela variant.

  • That clawful head is amazing, even by the standards of the line. It looks like it belong in a parody cartoon of MOTU alongside a He-man steroid gag.

    I hope they include the option to buy She-ra and Swiftwind as one product. Obviously sell them seperately too, but it will ease the process on what is sure to be a tough month for non-subs.

  • None of them excite me as I don't collect MOTUC anymore but it is cool Man-E-Faces and Megator got figures made as a lot of fans wanted them. 🙂

  • Faceless One looks fantastic, but I guess I was hoping that he'd have more of a DCUC Question face.

    Man-E-Faces was always kind of plain, I liked him as a kid but he was never one of my top favorites, but to be fair he did have a lot of competition.

    The new one looks good though, I like the half & half look, though I'd rather they lean towards the more orangey orange color than the flesh tone, I think we've got enough pasty white guys for now.

    That was one thing I didn't like about the millennium release, the figure just didn't have that much pop. The colors were dark and he didn't really stand out much.

  • These looks impressive as most of the Classic due i hope i will be able to pick-up one this year. : )

  • @Megaduce Flare: That can only happen if another figure slips its schedule. Or if the fans make a big enough stink, and Mattel says a figure slipped its schedule…

    @PrfktTear: Honestly, I don't know why they're bothering with this vote for Man-E-Faces, unless the DC vs. MOTU line is having problems (which I can believe; the first wave is pegwarming, while the second is nowhere to be found). But a flesh-colored MEF would have been a good match-up with a DCUC character (Two-Face, maybe?).

  • They all look awesome. Faceless One is a bit underwhelming but still cool. The rest are just fantastic. Clawful does look goofy but it's true to vintage and that's what I dig so I'm psyched for him. To be fair, Clawful in the MYP show looked goofy as hell too.

    Nice to hear about the updated She-Ra and I will get her but I'm with Poe here, not having a slightly different deco or extra accessory is a tad lame and having to jack with mattycollector will blow.

    Also, anyone who hasn't read those MOTU DC comics should check them out because the writing is quite good. That Battleground Teela will be sweet with Vikor.

  • Why in the blue blazes would you ever consider selling She-Ra without THE ICONIC Filmation head?


    I'm truly baffled by this. She's a new figure she should have her extra head.

    Truly, truly baffled.

  • I like the Faceless One's face. Depending on the angle you view it from it seems to shift and distort, making it hard to "see it". Bang-up clever sculpt on the Horsemen's part. My issue with him is, with the old Skeletor ankles and the heavy upper body accoutrements, will he stand. I may not buy him.

    That Teela is my favorite female figure the Horsemen have sculpted. I love barbarians; the Horsemen have a powerful start on a non-MOTU barbarian sub-line.

    I know it's heresy, but I'd quit standard MOTUC for a whole line of characters like Vikor and Battleground Teela.

    The She-Ra thing blows, period.

    Hopefully she will be much improved. IMHO, the first She-Ra is the worst MOTUC female; between the QC (went through 4 to get a passable one) and her "Boxy is Foxy" body, yech. She-Ra should have some curves like Filmation drew her, or Eamon's awesome art. Hubba Hubba.

  • Looks like I'm buying one She-Ra in the Two-Packs, and the new "re-release" one as well. Didn't want to have to buy another lame Supergirl…Clawful looks awesome in my book. He was my favorite figure as a kid, and I think he rocks. I'm all for always alternate heads, but it doesn't bother me nearly as much here as with, say, Sy-Klone.

  • Watch Megator's secret accessory be the MYP Skeletor swords.

    Or did the italicized 'his' secret accessory mean that it's specific to Megator?

  • I voted for original toy colours but it looks like the hybrid is going to win, which is ok with me.

    At least my She-ra is still on card if I get this new one.

    I like the vintage look Clawful; but I'm a vintage guy…

    Bikina Teela is looking to replace Goddess as my favourite female; especially how cool her and Vikor will look together.

    Faceless One looks like he fits right in along side Marzo and Carnivus. Crazy good sculpt too. Don't know much about the character at all, but from the art I've seen he looks pretty close to being on model.

    Not a fan of the giants but we'll see when Megator shows up as part of my sub.

  • Did you happen to get any pics of Catra? I haven't seen the MotUC version of her yet.

  • In spite of myself I dig that Teela, and agree with you that Clawful looks goofy, but to me no more than the vintage head on Whiplash. As for MEF, I'll be glad if he isn't pure flesh tones, as I think it looked a tad S&M on the vintage card art. I think the Faceless One might be the best looking fig to date, but I have no interest in the character.

  • I may well cough up for Battleground Teela; she will look great with Vikor, but I have to think of her as a separate character. Preteela or something.

  • I think the MEF looks cool with the half and half deco, because it still looks enough like flesh for me, without being sickly pale. I actually like the Clawful, and I'm glad they gave him a neck that blends with the head, the vintage toy always looked to me like a man wearing a rubber mask.

    I haven't really been following action figure news that much lately, so can someone explain, or provide a link so I can find out, what you all are talking about the new She-ra coming out? What's going to be different than the first release?

  • The She-Ra thing is absurd. It's quite obvious now that the first one was a mess. She is just not done right.

    I hate the fact that if I want her to sit on the horse I'll have to spend 29.95 bucks more for a figure that I already have and don't like that much.

    The "just one head" thing is to create a reason for us to keep the old crappy She-Ra, just to use the filmation head.

    No one really likes the vintage toy upside-down-masked one.

  • Well, Clawful and Man-E-Faces looks good. I like the Teela, but it doesn't do as much for me. Honestly, to me Clawful is the best thing they showed.

    My interest is really waning on all the panel specific/sketch/proto stuff. Part of the reason I opted out of the sub this year. I'm skipping so much MOTUC as of late it's not even funny.

    I'm glad for the people that are enjoying everything, though.

  • I actually know what the secret accessories are… every once in a while I can get tidbits, but I promised not to tell… I will say that they will likely double the sales of the figures… certainly mr. facekowitz (I've decided that the only real name for Man-E-Faces that I will like is Emanuel "Manny" Facekowitz)

  • The She-Ra thing wouldn't be so bad if it was a re-deco like "Battle-Armor She-Ra" or something. I have BA He-Man on Battlecat & BA Skeletor will go on Panthor so a BA She-Ra (or some other variant) to go on Swiftwind would have been nice, oh well.

  • Megator's secret accessory will be a set of hair curlers to go with Tytus' hair dryer hammer.

    I have to say I'm really upset about the She-ra/Swiftwind issue. Its bad business that they said the first figure would fit Swiftwind and now are going back on that statement to bilk us for another purchase. Not happy that I'm going to have to buy another She-ra to pose her on Swiftwind. Not happy at all.

  • Poe-

    Nice pics. Looking forward to your Thundercats write up.

    Great to meet you on Sunday too.


  • I'm now regretting not purchasing Vikor.

    Battleground Teela would have been a great "Red (Blonde) Sonja" to Vikor's "Conan". Maybe Mattel will release the left-over Vikor stock later this year?

    I'm hoping that the She-Ra V2.0 is a true variant instead of a figure that *looks* nearly identical to the existing She-Ra, but with better functionality.

    I'd be happy if she was either based on the toy-design (which had a pretty different skirt, belt and breast-plate design) or if she was based on the Bubble-Power variant which looks like it could be turned into a cool Xena-esque armour.

  • i'm with Dean. Heresy it might be, but I would like a line of characters like Vikor and Battleground Teela even if it meant fewer MOTUC.

    I bought into the line when Vikor made his appearance.

    These two will be favorites of mine for quite a while.

    Nice going to whoever did them.

    dean said it better. I'm just agreeing.

    I hope for more figures in this style.

  • Well, now I don't know what to do. I lost She-Ra in the split up with the wife… so I've been figuring out what to do to replace her. I guess I could try waiting for the new version, but I DON'T want to have to pray I can get it on Matty Collector. UGH! I got a sub for a reason, despite the fact I'm getting stuck with a bunch of figures I don't want. I like knowing I'll get the ones I want for sure.

  • Finally…after almost 30 years, I can have a blonde Teela! Needless to say, this was my top pick from NYTF 2011.

    Glad to see that visually she is well accepted by the MOTUC fandom. She's literally a female version of the He-Man buck. With that yields female palace guards and contributes the furry underwear to Hawke.

    However, while I'm totally willing to replace the redhead, other fans are itching to see if this is actually the normal Teela, making her bio very anticipated!

    There are many theories:

    A) This is The Sorceress before she was the Sorceress. The Sorceress' real name is Teela. Man-At-Arms named the infant after her.

    b) Teela traveled with He-Man to the past and this is her disguise.

    c) This is some past ancestor.

    d) Teela dyed her hair and changed her clothes, like real women tend to do.

  • Hah…has anyone noticed exactly how incredibly similar what they debuted at this Toyfair was to last years?

    A blonde female: She-Ra/Teela

    A classic Evil Warrior: Whiplash/Clawful

    A MYP styled character related to the main characters early years: Count Marzo/Faceless One

    A giant: Tytus/Megator

    And personally speaking, while I'm excited for ALL of the figures they showed, I'm most excited for the Evil Warrior. And just like with Whiplash, I have to wait until August! Yaargh!