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Man, did I love this toy line as a kid. This is one of those toy lines that I keep meaning to go back and pick up a complete collection of, for display in my future home someday.

I wish they’d release the first Marvel-produced Robocop cartoon on DVD here in the U.S. I’d like to see how bad it is. Fond memories of some fun afternoons with the Marvel Action Universe, though.


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  • The car still looks good today,what irked me was that his gun looked nothing like in the show.

  • I had a load of those figures.

    Robocop, Wheels Wilson, Birdman Barnes, Anne Lewis, Sgt Reed, Chainsaw, Dr McNamara, Nitro and Headhunter. Loved them.

  • oooo marvel action universe…awesome!!

    I had these toys and remember them fondly. they were pretty cool. It sucked when you ran out of caps but at least the feature didn't really hinder the articulation.

  • Well you know that the both of us are like minds on this one. I was so happy to get the robo cycle in box this last year for super cheap at the local toy shop.

    Someday I hope to get that helicopter. It was so bad ass.

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  • RoboCop was the sh!t! I picked up a bunch of figures a couple of years ago, including several Robo-1's.

  • I distinctly remember seeing this commercial and wanting everything in it. All I ever ended up getting was one of the secondary character (my brother managed to get RoboCop himself, though, which might be sitting around in my closet at the moment).