Bastards of the Universe > “Bazaar, part two”

There was a throwaway line in an old ToyFare issue, where someone mishears the description of Man-E-Faces as “attorney and actor,” and for some weird reason, that’s how I think of him now.

Since I’m not a big MOTUC collector, I didn’t get the Palace Guard two-pack, although they look cool. So, the bazaar has non-union guards: Dirk from Dragon’s Lair, and a spare He-Man wearing Ares’ helmet from Marvel Legends. Figure there’s a lot of scab labor in Eternia…

If you recognized, or didn’t recognize anyone, let me know! More next week!

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  • @ Scissors:

    Hmm. That's the elf girl from Everquest…which I've never played, so I'm not sure how I got this. Probably eBay. She's completely unarticulated, though.

  • Who is the lady in purple in the background, most visible in the last panel of the 3rd page?

    Looking back at the first part of Bazaar, it looks like she has light blue hair.

    Among other things, I like the makeshift stage that uses the Hero Factory crates.

  • @ BumblebeeZ3: I think that's Leen, from Dark Angel. (An anime, not the old James Cameron show!) Dark, from the same thing, is next to her.

    Never saw the show. I used to work next to a game store that had them on sale forever, but never picked them up, so when I saw them on eBay on the cheap I got 'em.