18 thoughts on “Filmation Shadow Beast mock-up”

  1. That looks much improved and even though I have 2 of the original figure, I would definitely buy this repaint.

  2. the shadow beast was just poorly handled. the plastic quality (from the reports i'm hearing, i openly admit i didn't buy this thing) was as soft or softer than the softest gygor, the articulation wasn't appropriate to the character (why can't he knuckle walk like his cartoon counterparts?), the color is weird, i think the hands and feet, w/ their abrupt change in size and texture from the fur makes it appear like a creature wearing a shadow beast costume, and the weapon doesn't fit well in the figure's hand. i mean, really, what did this toy do well?

    like honestly asking, for those who bought it, on what grounds do you look at this toy and think you got what you payed for? no hidden agenda to this question, no "ahA!" i'm honestly asking. cuz to me, i look at this, and think "sure, i'd love to add this character to my motuc roster, but this thing just isn't a toy i want" when they make a shadow beast that looks like a shadow beast, and moves like one, and doesn't squeeze like a bottle of ketchup, i'll invest.

  3. Yeah, that looks MUCH better, Poe. I do wish they had gone MYP style more fuller for the more gorilla-ish head and forearms.

    Shadowbeast is by far my least favorite figure of the entire line and I regularly think about selling him (how much of a completest am I?). It completely lacks every once of visual interest that MotU had. At leas the black/purple scheme makes him look more a part of the hyper-colorful Universe of the rest of the figures.

  4. This color scheme looks much more interesting to me than the brown and beige, although it's a little dark.

    Nevertheless, even if it looked more like the Filmation cartoon I still would have skipped him, because he needs to be smaller and better articulated.

  5. Looks good! The colors on the beatstick look out of place with it though. Maybe some darker colors for it too.

  6. @ dayraven:

    I'm honestly perfectly happy with my Shadow Beast. He can hold his weapon just fine – although I prefer him to fight using his claws, not a club. No squashy plastic on mine, and the sculpt looks great, it doesn't bother me at all.

    They often stood upright on the Filmation cartoon and their colour varied quite a lot – for example, in the episode Prince Adam No More they were a very light brown.

  7. @ RocketPunch:

    Same here.

    Mine is pretty much perfectly built and feels like hard plastic. He can stand fine holding both his club and a He-Man off of the ground. That's probably why I've been pleased with it and haven't questioned the coloring at all.

    Now that I'm seeing a mock-up, I kind of like the idea of all the wild beasts being colorful. I wonder if they felt a purple beast would diminish Panthor's unique coloring.

  8. I like the photo shop Poe. I do like the color of the shadow beast we got though.

    When it's on the back of the toy shelf or in a little bit of shadow, it almost looks black. So I'm fine with the current color, but I'd buy a purple repaint.

    RocketPunch wrote:

    I’m honestly perfectly happy with my Shadow Beast. No squashy plastic on mine, and the sculpt looks great, it doesn’t bother me at all.

    Same for me. I do really wish he had waist articulation, but he does have a full range of pose-ability in his arms.

  9. dayraven wrote:

    w/ reviews like this http://www.itsalltrue.net/?p=12132 lurking around out there, i just can’t help but observe that there are better ways to spend my toy money out there.

    As much as I admire the Four Horsemen's work, i'd rather own characters that appeared in the cartoons I love over ones I have no attachment to. I might buy Scarabus himself, but I have no interest in the rest of the figures in that line.

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