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Along came a spider...

Along came a spider… by fengschwing

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  • Most Impressive – is the Hasbro one from the target/red hulk series?

  • Thank you for your compliments everyone.

    This figure did indeed come with a glider, but I was pretty sure it was Hasbro, not Toybiz, I could be wrong…

    His paint apps are silver instead of white, if that helps identify him.

    I recently sold all of my Marvel Legends but I couldn't part with this guy.

    I've been on my holidays, so apologies for not responding sooner!

  • Hasbro did release him as well, and may have also included the glider. I just remember getting this guy a long while before the Red Hulk black Spidey.

  • @ Bigbot:

    Yep, he wasn't the Red Hulk release that's for sure, I picked him up in ASDA in the UK, no way you'd get that wave in there!

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