3 thoughts on “Pic of the Day > Panthro and the Thundertank by rodpowley952”

  1. The thundertank has no treads.

    After seeing the new thundertank at toy fair, it made miss the old one. So I went on Ebay to look for one to possibly buy, but to my surprise they were all missing the treads or had them but they had cracked or broken.

  2. I still have my Panthro.

    I used to have the Thundertank but the wheel broke off from countless hours nof play along wit the Fist Pounder and the Skycutter.

    LJN made some great toys. 😀

  3. Finding a Thundertank with treads in the original box for $50 a few years ago at a comic show remains one of my collecting highlights. 🙂

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