ThreeA Toys Special World War Robot Portable to benefit Japan – on sale at 9pm

Onsale only at, for $55 usd, shipping is included in that price. Every $ made goes to a Japan quake relief charity ! there is a limit on how many we can make, so once they are gone, they.. gone ! So if your into helping a good cause and getting a damn cool bot, swing by at 9-00am Hong Kong time on the 29th of March.

That’s tonight at 9pm ET. I got both this news and the image from ActionFigurePics–ordinarily I wouldn’t just repost it here, but it’s for a good cause. (That said, do Ron a favor and click on that link anyway, especially if you end up buying one.)

Check out the fine print that says all previous Japanese customers of ThreeA get a free toy! Amazing. It’s been clear for a while now that ThreeA is an amazing toy company, but clearly they’re great people, too.

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  • @ clark:
    Nevermind, I have given up trying to get any of these bots. I seem to never know when they're on sale, I just hear about them after the fact. Nevertheless, that's very cool of 3A to offer these for charity, makes me want their products even more.

  • this about as cool a gesture as a toy company could offer. friggin sweet. i'm just sorry i missed it.

  • Oh yeah, you think shopping at Matty is a nightmare? Drop nights at threeA can be intense and their website works!

    Pity I missed this one, I usually don't dig the robots too much but at that price and more importantly for that cause, I would of bought one.

  • @ clark: Best thing to do is sign up over at the threeA board and watch the news or follow Gimbat on Twitter, you'll get updates on when they go on sale, right down to a countdown a few hours before, you can even get a countdown timer widget I believe…