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  • @ toyman2581:

    I was going to mention this great review/ short film if noone else did. Glad to see that others have seen it and enjoyed it.

  • I think you might have to rename your site "Poe Ghostal's Points of Sexually Suggestive Kids' Toys Commercials from the 1990s." 🙂

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    @ Barbecue17:
    Nice to know that others have seen and enjoyed it. I really dig how the tone of the whole thing became creepy and you don't see it coming, but it stll kept the humor. Here's a direct link for those interested.

    Not to keep plugging the guy like I work for him (I don't) but there is a TON of great stuff on his site. Be prepared for some salty language though 🙂

  • I was gonna say holy crap I never noticed that as a kid but then I realized he never actually says anything about putting balls in his mouth. You put balls in his top, they pop out of his mouth. Still suggestive, but so is anything with the word balls.