Attack of the Show to Queen Marlena: Drop dead.

Is the post title uncalled for? I don’t think so. Poor Queen Marlena.

It looks like AFOS wins the contest, since he guessed Marlena and Stay Puft. A few other people got one right, but not two. AFOS, shoot me an email to poe AT and I’ll set you up with the gift certificate. has some good screencaps of the video. Mattycollector/Facebook will presumably offer better pics later today.

More info from ToyGuru and my own thoughts on the reveals after the jump. Continue reading “Attack of the Show to Queen Marlena: Drop dead.”

Odds ‘n Ends + Big Mattel SDCC Reveal tonight (maybe) + contest

  • In theory, Mattel’s summer SDCC exclusives will be announced tonight on G4’s Attack of the Show. I’ll be busy at that time, so you won’t get my commentary until late tonight. Feel free to use this post as a discussion thread until then. That’s assuming G4 actually airs the segment tonight, but either way, Mattel says they’ll announce the exclusives on on Friday.
  • Just for the heck of it: write down as many guesses as you have for the exclusives (across all lines) and I’ll send the one who gets the most right a $15 Amazon gift certificate. If you already know any of them, though, be fair and don’t play. Power Pals also excluded.
  • I still have a gigantic pile of stuff I have to review. I ended up just opening some of it and skipping the review, most notably DCUC Wave 16. I’ve been considering doing less organized reviews, and rather just sort of talking about the toys and characters in general (with plenty of pics). Do people prefer the more organized reviews–do you come for the articulation stats, the assessment of the paint and so forth? Or would pictures + general commentary do the job?
  • As I believe I’ve been hinting, PGPoA is due for a big update in just a few weeks. In the meantime, updates may be a bit spottier than usual.
  • I finished my second playthrough of Dragon Age II last week, and my feelings remain pretty mixed. The story, while thin, did present some tough choices, but the design & gameplay were lacking (I especially hated the repeated locations–the tract-housing mansions–which seemed very late 1990s to me).
  • On a final note, I asked NECA on their Twitter account whether we might see some Portal 2 toys from them. It seems Valve prefers to do their merchandising in-house. Bit of a bummer, but maybe they’ll create some Portal 2 toys of their own (they do have some plush toys).
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Review > The Tick (Indie Spotlight, Shocker Toys)

I love the Tick. For one thing, he was invented just a few towns over from where I grew up. In 1986, teenager Ben Edlund created the Tick as a mascot for New England Comics, the chain of comic shops I frequented as a kid (and still patronize today). His appearances expanded into stories in eventually, in 1988, a comic book, which has been published at odd intervals ever since and inspired a number of spin-offs including the Chainsaw Vigilante, Paul the Samurai, and the Man-Eating Cow.

Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Tick was an independent comic book character whose black-and-white comics were later turned into a popular cartoon in the mid-1990s. The cartoon was largely faithful to the look and spirit of the comics and would become a cult classic in its own right. Finally, in 2001 there was a short-lived live-action series starring the ubiquitous Patrick Warburton as the title character. Ben Edlund, by the way, would go on to work on such geek-beloved projects as Firefly, Angel, and Supernatural, and had a hand in the creation of The Venture Bros.

As you’d imagine with a Saturday morning cartoon character, there have been plenty of Tick toys. Most of them were created in Bandai in the mid-1990s, and while the toys were fun, they were also fairly under-articulated, even for the time. Years later, N2 toys squandered the success they’d had with their mediocre Matrix line by sinking it into an even-worse line of live-action Tick figures (one of my worst-reviewed toys ever). Legend has it the line bombed so bad, it’s why N2 changed their name to Mirage Toys. (I don’t know what happened to the company after that–is it still around?) Continue reading “Review > The Tick (Indie Spotlight, Shocker Toys)”

MOTUC Bio Discussion #42 > Etheria Map

Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion!


Beautiful Planet of Despondos

After the Overlords of Trolla harnessed the aura of the Gods, they used this “Power of the Universe” to become immortal and vowed to maintain neutrality in all Five Dimensions. Sensing how dark the Dimension of Despondos was, they used the Power to create a being of formless light and sent him to Despondos to bring hope to those trapped there. It settled on the Planet Etheria, turning the small planet into a lush paradise, standing out in an otherwise dark dimension. Protected by magic, Etheria remained a home for free beings until Hordak discovered it during his banishment. Overthrowing the local monarchs, he declared Etheria his new homeworld and ruled for years as its tyrannical dictator.

Much like the bio for the Eternia map, the Etheria bio primarily adds to the ever-growing MOTUC cosmology. My first question is: who are these gods? Procrustus? Following the progression of this aura/power, it would seem that He-Man wields the power of the gods themselves.

We learn that upon gaining this “aura” of the gods, the Trollan Overlords immediately took it upon themselves to “maintain neutrality” throughout the Five Dimensions. Not order or justice, but neutrality. They deliberately send Light Hope (© Classic Media) to make Despondos a little less despondent. Does that mean that in a dimension where everything’s going great, they send bad guys? The same goes for Zodak/Zodac: if they’re tasked with maintaining neutrality, why don’t we ever see them shilling for Hordak or Skeletor? We really need an evil-leaning Cosmic Enforcer (maybe Strobo?).

“Protected by magic, Etheria remained a home for free beings until Hordak discovered it…” So, I guess that magical protection was only so good.

At least we do get confirmation that Etheria really is the only good place in the otherwise miserable dimension of Despondos. However, it does suck that King Grayskull is inadvertently responsible for Etheria’s enslavement by the Horde.