Any questions for Mattel?

Questions due by 11:59pm Thursday, April 28.


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  • <del>Which executive does DR have compromising photos of?</del>

    Has anyone asked recently about MOTUC vs. MOTUC two-packs at retail? He-Man vs. Skelly would sell an ass-ton, if not at TRU than certainly at specialty shops.

  • Will anything be done to help speed up the shipping process with Newgistics or will non-subscription orders now take much longer to be received. (My December order shipped via UPS and was received in 6 calendar days from the date ordered. My April order took 5 calendar days for shipment information to be received and another 5 to go halfway to my residence. That's 10 days with another 4-5 before delivery.) Is Newgistics being used as another "incentive" to encourage people to subscribe for the year?

  • A bunch of fans were really disappointed that Battleground Teela's controversial bio didn't explain the most pressing questions on fan's minds since her reveal at NYTF 2011 — namely, why was her hair now blonde or why is she wearing a new costume. Since Battleground Teela was the first alternate era version of a character in Classics with a bio, future bios might not explain the "obvious burning question" of why Marlena is suddenly a brunette with a white dress instead of a redhead in a green dress or how Mer-Man suddenly has blue skin either. Classicized 200X versions of vintage MOTU characters whose changes might not be so easily explained as a change of clothes might also fall under this topic.

    I was wondering why the bio writers decided not to try to explain why characters have such different looks. I'd love to hear your take on this subject.

  • Why can't we get pointy snake fans or edged weapons in an "adult collector" line?

  • @ dayraven:

    Mattel would never say this, but I'm wondering if it's because they don't know what will be in stores later, and don't want to retool anything at that time (I might be giving them way too much credit when it comes to foresight).

  • @ dayraven:

    They commented on that in an old Q&A. It has something to do with Mattel's safety regulations that apply across the board. I can't remember where the answer is though.

  • @ Leonardo T Dragon:
    I wonder if this is a question they would even attempt to answer, or completely side-step with an "our department doesn't have anything to do with shipping." Funny, the backwards shoulders on King Hssss really doesn't bother me that much, but paying high prices for crappy delivery service really gets under my skin. That is actually one of the reasons I didn't buy Panthor, and I will now get extremely picky when it comes to this line. After Clawful, I can't think of another figure coming out that I'm going to try for.

  • VOLTRON! When are you guys going to be showing the mass retail Voltron Force toys.

  • clark wrote:

    @ Leonardo T Dragon:

    I wonder if this is a question they would even attempt to answer, or completely side-step with an “our department doesn’t have anything to do with shipping.” Funny, the backwards shoulders on King Hssss really doesn’t bother me that much, but paying high prices for crappy delivery service really gets under my skin. That is actually one of the reasons I didn’t buy Panthor, and I will now get extremely picky when it comes to this line. After Clawful, I can’t think of another figure coming out that I’m going to try for.

    Oddly enough, I'm in the same boat. The fact that the shipping has already taken twice as long (with more days ahead before items arrive) and the fact that Newgistics just throws things in padded envelopes vs. the cardboard boxes that they previously came in for the SAME COST really shows how Matty is cutting corners on the non-subs. Clawful is most likely my swan song from this line as well.

  • Are we going to get the WWE team to answer all the questions from past Q&As they missed by not being there at the time?

  • The shipping system is so horrible now. Why is it like this? I order figures from Hasbro's much more professional website, and get the order within 3-5 days. Why can't Mattel do this?

  • What were the consequences related to the accidental production of "naked" Cheetah? Is there a ton of these figures languishing in a Mattel Warehouse somewhere? Will she be more widely distributed in the near future?

  • I used the tracking for the Newgistics shipping and it makes no sense. It takes longer, and still ends up getting handed over to USPS. Why not send it USPS to begin with? Is "Newgistics" short for, We pay some hobo a couple of dollars to hitchhike his way to your state and drop it in a local mailbox?

  • What I'd like to know, and I'm trying not to be snarky or rude here but:

    There's issues with MattyCollector and brands carried thereon like not wanting figures to stay in stock due to the cost of storing them.

    And all kinds of issues with shipping costs and just everything else that goes into the 'logistics' of MattyCollector as a website.

    But uh, and again I don't want to be rude or obnoxious here, doesn't Mattel HAVE an online store already? I don't think any fans understand why Mattel's own online store was not used to carry these new products… being made by Mattel and all.

    I mean, Mattel has the warehouse space to hang onto 9 different SKUs for freakin' UNO!, but not enough space to store MOTUC?

  • The new Weapons Rack is made of a lighter, harder, more "brittle" and "cheap" feeling plastic, as opposed to, say, the Shadow Beast's club, which was a much nicer, softer, heavier, more "rubbery" plastic (and arguably the nicest part of that figure). Should we expect the same "cheaper" feeling plastic on all set pieces like the rack, going forward?

  • When there is a customer service issue (e.g. someone receives a damaged MOTUC figure and needs a replacement), do you get involved on any level to decide how to rectify the situation or does Digital River have full discretion on how to deal with them?

  • I'm almost ashamed to ask this questin but…. why does BG Teela have such a big bra?? If I was designing it… it would be smaller (and I don't mean the size of a dime) but it just seems too big.

    Is it the same reason Wonder Woman doesn't come a little more "busty"??

    It's the children we're concerned about in an adult collectors line??

    (Hope I'm not driven out as a twisted…you know what!!

  • It seems that with each new Wave of DCUC there are particular QC issues with one or two of the characters. Most recently, it's Robin and Mercury whose ankles and wrists actually snap right off. Some of your customers claim that this QC problem is becoming increasingly worse. For those of us planning to purchase the LOSH 12-Pack, which with S & H will cost about $200, the notion that any number of characters might be defective is a bit daunting. Now, I know that you'll say that Mattel is "always looking for ways to improve blah, blah, blah," which is all fine and good, but we need a direct answer on this: (a) Will customers be permitted to return single characters from the LOSH set for replacement, or will the entire set need to be returned even if only one figure is defective? (b) If customers are required to return the entire set, will Mattel assume the additional S & H fees? (c) If not, why?

  • I know it's been asked, but I'll ask again: would Mattel ever consider making an exclusive MattyCollector pack of soft-goods/cloth capes for the caped heroes and villains in the DCUC? I'm thinking along the lines of a simple cloth cape with a cape clip in the collar just like Super Powers! I'd love to have a truly updated Super Powers line up!!

  • @ Damien:

    i'd like them to answer it again though, since honestly, i don't believe the previous answer and suspect we'll get a second answer if we ask again.

  • With Green Lantern Classics winding down, I was wondering if this is it for DCUC-style Green Lantern figures not connected to the movie?

    Personally, I'm still hoping to see an Arisia at some point.

  • OK folks–for the record, I had to do a lot of editing to ask the questions this time around.

    Nothing wrong with holding their feet to the fire, but I have to maintain a civil relationship with Mattel here, so if you want your question asked, try to avoid the sarcasm.

    @ Damien: I wanted to ask your question, but it's too long and a bit unclear. If you can make it a bit more succinct I can ask it in the next (June 1) round.