Bastards of the Universe > “Stand-in”

Ah, Vikor: This seems like a good use of a $30 figure. It was that, or freeze him in a block of ice to wake up in the future…

Before working on this one, I re-read a ton of old Conan comics, mostly Savage Sword of Conan, and watched Conan the Barbarian again. The prophecy about Conan becoming king comes up, many, many times. Sometimes, it would be a red herring: Conan would seemingly win a kingdom, only to find it’s a land not worth having, or one that only recognizes queens, or would marry him off to a too-young princess. In some stories, Conan acts like he believes the prophecy is a stone-cold lock (which he should, having heard it so often) and in others he treats it as a bad joke. I’m trying to remember a story, possibly an R.E. Howard one, with a slightly older Conan talking about becoming a king almost like it was his retirement plan. If anyone remembers that one, let me know.

We won’t be using a certain set next time, just because I don’t have one!

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