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(Via NECA_Toys on Twitter)

Looks like the long-rumored 7″ Robocop from NECA will soon be a reality. I own the McFarlane version already, and I’m not sure exactly how different this one can be, but hopefully–unlike McFarlane–NECA has a whole line planned. I’d maim a clown for boxed sets of 7″-scale ED-209 and Cain/Robocop 2, but after NECA’s experience with the Balrog, I’m not sure they’re interested in doing another giant boxed figure (though the upcoming Spider Gremlin is a hopeful sign).

NECA tends to stick with the most interesting (read: marketable) figures, so I doubt we’ll get Robocop bad guy Clarence Boddicker or even Robo’s partner Ann Lewis. I do expect at least a battle-damaged, no-helmet-wearing Robocop, and heck, maybe even the crazy gun-arm/jet-pack Robocops from the third movie that I never saw.

NECA has also announced their SDCC exclusives. Via the Idle Hands blog:

Classic Predator in “Gort” Mask: The original 1987 version of the Predator with the original prototype mask not used on screen but known to Predator fans worldwide, the “Gort” mask; as seen in behind the scenes footage and the Stan Winston “Winston Effect” book. Classic Predator also includes a newly sculpted left hand holding a skull and spine trophy.

Gears of War 3 Marcus Out of Armor: The first figure from the highly anticipated sequel coming this Fall. Marcus is a brand new figure loaded with articulation and a brand new torso out of armor, not available anywhere else. Marcus also comes with a gold version of the Retro Lancer accessory.

Gremlins Gizmo Comic Con Edition: From the brand new re-launch of the Gremlins line comes this special edition Comic-Con Gizmo. Gizmo comes with sunglasses to protect himself from the bright lights and the California sun along with a special lanyard badge for his Comic-Con attendance and a tote bag that Gizmo can be placed inside to hide from the Gremlins or from the crowds of fanboys and girls in San Diego.


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  • I would be excited for this, but it looks just like McFarlane's with possibly less articulation. NECA is so uneven as of late, it's hard for me to know if this will be one of their super awesome figures… Or their woefully underarticulated ones.

    Plus Figma is doing Robocop this year and whatever they do is guarnteed to have a million points of articulation and blow this one away.

    But an ED-209 would be great from either company.

  • Nice! I had skipped the McFarlane one for a while and missed it. I imagine I was weary of their stuff breaking and I didn't realize it was so articulated and really pretty nice

    I love the spike on this one and the open hand gives him some character. I'm sure they're on a mission to top the McFarlane version. I finally got the NECA Alien/Predator 2 pack and I'm impressed at how the Alien manages to beat the McFarlane version. The Predator was much better, of course. I'm pretty excited that NECA's going to be using double joints for the Predator 2 series!

    If they just painted the face and torso on that prototype, we'd have an undeserved upgrade to the mail-way Kenner glow in the dark Robocop! Now they need to make Pudface and Commander Cash! (Please don't)

  • I'm digging that early-era Crazy Eddie from the cover of Maiden's self-titled debut.