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Wondercon 2011 - Mattel - Batman Legacy

  • My friend Popeonabomb was at Wondercon yesterday, and he took some pics for me – primarily of MOTUC and the Golden Age Batman & Joker. You can check ’em out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/poeghostal/sets/72157626418374964/
  • I’ve been reading the G.I. Joe: Special Missions trade paperbacks from IDW. The concept, as described, really appealed to me–Joes performing “realistic” military missions. I’m enjoying the heck out of them, and between that and the incredible awesome reveals at JoeCon this weekend, I’m now actively resisting getting into G.I. Joe collecting. Which is kind of amazing, because G.I. Joe has been around forever and I never had the slightest interest in it (I was a He-Man/Transformers/TMNT kid). But Hasbro seems to be going balls-out with stuff like this and especially this. We’ll see whether I can hold out.
  • Some news bits from Wondercon: according to Scott Neitlich, Leech will have no other head, his jaw is not articulated, and Hordak’s armor will be vac-metallized (i.e., chrome).
  • As you know, I’ve often discussed expanding the scope of this website to encompass more geek-related, but not necessarily toy-related, topics. I just as frequently have shot the idea down, deciding that keeping a laserlike focus on toys is the best way to keep the site popular. However, I’ve found I do need some sort of outlet for my non-toy geekishness, and to that end I’ve decided to create a spinoff website that will allow me to write about non-toy stuff. All I need is a title…Poe Ghostal’s…Pop…something? I don’t know. As such, I’m holding a contest! Post your suggestions below. If I decide I like any of them enough to use as the site’s title, that person will win a special Sword of Ages variant–purple hilt, black blade! Enter as many times as you want.

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  • I had read somewhere else that Hordak's armor would get a more metallic paint than what was shown, but I hadn't heard the chromed bit.

  • Wow, it's like you read my mind. I've sometimes used my own blog format to cover non toy events, but often sensed that the readers really didn't want that. I've dropped that idea recently, but have often looked for an outlet for that sort of discussion.

    Not sure I have the time nor energy to create a whole spin off site for it, but it's always interesting to see other people thinking the same things.

  • I too used to have zero interest in Joes, but recently something clicked inside me and now I can't get enough of them and have been buying the toys. Is there something in the air? 😛

  • Poe Ghostal's Pop Closet


    Poe Ghostal's Pop Culture Closet

  • You should have very little trouble resisting the urge to collect Joes, seeing as they'll be sold in hardly any brick and mortar stores. As far as I can tell, Target is the only retailer within miles of me that even stocks them. They do look very nice, though.

  • Poe Ghostal's Pop Bonanza

    Poe Ghostal's Penchant for Poppiness

    Poe Ghostal's Pretty Poppy Palace

    Poe Ghostal's Geeky Points

    Poe Ghostal's Plastic-less Passion

    I'm tired.

  • Damn it do I never get tired of seeing that golden age Batman shot. Finally I have a Batman for my Brave and the Bold shelf! And I don't even care that the bat symbol isn't the right one for it. That head sculpt is just perfect.

    Get on the Joe train, Poe! We need more Hasbro rep'd here! 🙂

    Poe Ghostal's Points of Pontification?

  • Less muscle detail and a yellow batsign then we're golden!

    Pop!goes the Ghostal

    or just plain


  • @ misterbigbo:

    Sorry that you're in such a Joe wasteland. Around here Target, Walmart, and TRU stock Joes. What's more is that you never know which store is going to get the new products first. They almost seem to be on a rotating basis. TRU got the first wave of POC before the others. However wave 3 showed up at Target long before either other store got them. Now a Walmart near me got the latest drop (with Shadow Tracker and Low Light) several weeks ago, and I haven't seen them anywhere else yet.

  • Poe Ghostal's Points of Geekdom

    Poe Ghostal's Points on Pop Culture

    Poe Ghostal's Pop Culture Portal

    Poe Ghostal's Pop Shop

    Poe Ghostal's Page of Pop

    Poe Ghostal's Scrolls of Pop

    Poe Ghostal's Pop Chamber

    Poe Ghostal: Pop Ponderer

    Poe Ghostal: Pop Plunderer

    Poe Ghostal: Pop Philosopher

  • "Pensamientos of Poe"

    It keeps the PoP and it has a foreign word which is roughly translated to Poe's thoughts…

  • Like the idea of a non-toy site, Poe.

    Here's some ideas;

    Poe Ghostal's

    –Pop Trends

    –Pop Perception

    –Pop Ponderings

    –Pop Proclamations

    –Social Stigma

    –Manic Meditations

    In any event, good luck coming up with something you like. Look forward to the new site.

    And hey, be very careful about collecting Joes. They're awesome toys and I think you'll just love them. But that's the problem. I told myself I'd only collect the 25A or Modern-Era updates of figures I had as a kid.

    Now I have WAY more figures than that and no end in sight. You get hooked, fast and hard.

  • Just Poe's. Keep it simple. Or lemme see… Poe Ghostals points of pop culture, Poe's Corner, Poe Corners, Poe's Position, Poe boy-blues…thats all I can think of this second.

  • Poe Ghostal's Pop Ponder Palace

    Poe Ghostal's Pop Ponderosa

    Poe Pop

  • For the love of God, don't use Poe's Positions. I'd like to be able to view the site at work….

  • i suppose Poerez Hilton would be misleading…

    Poe's Pop Place

    Poe Pops Your Cherry

    Poe's Pop Poopshoot

    Poe's Pop Rebeak

    the Life and Times of Poe Ghostal

    Poe's Place of Geekery

    Poe's Olde Tyme General Store (you have to pronounce the e hard in this once to get the pun)

    Poe Ghostal Unloads

    Poe's Pop Reload

    Poe's Premature Evaluation

    Poe Blows His Load

    the Ghostal Gush

    or, to catch the zeitgeist and increase site traffic

    Poe's Dawn Lantern Avengers Trek against Chicken Joe Transformers and make Wars against Captain Conan Clones. that should get you more site traffic that you know what to do with. 😉

  • Poe Ghostal has other interests so deal with it

    Poe Ghostal Goes Pop

    Poe's Pop Pendulum

    Poe Ghostal: Pop Guru

    Poe Ghostal Pop's the Question

    Poe Ghostal's Pop Guide

    Poe Ghostal's Piece of Popcorn

  • Poe Ghostal: Pop Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Geekakhstan

  • Since I assume you'll be covering old school geekery as well as modern fare, you could go with Newstalgia.

    Or Poe Ghostal's Pop Culture Newstalgia, if you prefer.

  • Modern Joes are awesome. JOIN US! JOIN US!

    Act now, while you can still get the funky Destro that comes with a briefcase full of Joe-sized money.


    Poe Ghostal's Other Site

  • Great ideas everyone!

    Here's what I like best so far:

    Poe Ghostal’s Pop Geekery

    Pop!Ghostal (or what about Ghostal!Pop?)

    Poe Ghostal’s Points of Geekdom

    Poe Ghostal’s Points of Pop (or Points of Pop Culture)

    Poe Ghostal: Unpegged

    Poe’s Pop Reload

    Poe Ghostal Goes Pop (how about Poe Go Pop!?)

    Poe Ghostal’s Pop-parazzi

    How about Poe Ghostal's Place Of Rampant Nerdery? 😉

  • I've made my choice, and yes, it was one of the submissions here. Once I check it out with DMG and OB1 and get their opinion, I'll announce the winner.

  • Poe's Pop Report

    Poe Ghostal's This Day In Awesome

    Poe's Pop Pie

    Poetally Awesome


    Fffffffuuuuuu contest is over. 🙁 Need more swords!!!

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  • I know the contest is over but I wanted to add my 2 cents and hit ya up with "Poe Ghostal's Sideline"….And will the Variant Swords go up for sale because i'd definitely pick a few of those up. Love the color mix up.