NECA news > 7″ Robocop, SDCC exclusives

(Via NECA_Toys on Twitter) Looks like the long-rumored 7″ Robocop from NECA will soon be a reality. I own the McFarlane version already, and I’m not sure exactly how different this one can be, but hopefully–unlike McFarlane–NECA has a whole line planned. I’d maim a clown for boxed sets of 7″-scale ED-209 and Cain/Robocop 2, […]

Faceless One on…Facebook.

Yeah, so, here’s the Faceless One, a.k.a. Nikolas Powers. It’s not stated on the bio, but I assume Danger’s his middle name. I color-corrected the images from the original post while wondering why Mattel didn’t do the same. An interesting thing about the Faceless One is how similar he is to the Dormant Form Scarabus […]