Poe on Roast Gooble

Just a quick heads-up: I’m a guest on the latest Roast Gooble Dinner podcast (#43). These are also available on Itunes. One of the topics of discussion is the King Hssss shoulders screwup (this was recorded months ago–I’ve actually been a guest again since then).

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  • It was odd reliving some of that Hsss frustration on a day when I picked mine up and had forgotten all about the shoulders. He's really cool but I'm hoping we can keep those mistakes in the past.

    Also, that it was sad to see such a perfectly good Return to Oz reference wasted! There goes my plans to leave a long and detailed RGD voicemail detailing the parallels between Roboto and Tik-Tok, the the clockwork powered men who introduced the concept of robots to Eternia and modern literature, respectively. What's that you say? Faker was the first Eternian robot? I'd say he's more of a Tin Woodsman in that neither were entirely inorganic, although that is debatable.

    Okay, I made the voicemail thing up just now. But I did watch Return to Oz non stop for months as soon as the first VCR came into the home. And the answer is no, I didn't have a sister.

    Since I'm on a tangent here, I think I'd love a series of Return to Oz figures! That film was creepy without being the McFarlane "Bondage Dorothy" level of creepy. I'd love that scary Wheeler and a Tik-Tok. I'll skip Moose-Couch though. You were certainly the weak link in the gang, Moose-Couch. Even the chicken proved useful when it came to defeating Nome King, while you got turned into an ornament despite not even having hands.