A Tale of Two Robocops

NECA released the first press pic of its Robocop figure this week. The figure is approximately 7″ tall and will be out in September, retailing for, presumably, the standard NECA price of $13-$20, depending on where you find it.

"So, am I getting that statue in Detroit or what?"

We don’t have any details on the articulation yet, but as long as it’s at least comparable to the McFarlane version (i.e., ball-jointed hips), I’ll be happy. It will come with an interchangeable “data spike” hand. It already has improved in one respect on the McFarlane version: the bigger gun. Whether accurate to the film or not, the Auto-9 of the McFarlane Robocop just looks too small.

However, this isn’t the only major Robocop figure being released in late summer/early fall. Figma, a Japanese action figure line known mostly for anime licenses, has started to branch out to Western ones. The first (I think it was the first) was their Michael Jackson “Thriller” figure. The obvious follow-up license for that? Robocop.

This thing is a beauty. One thing to be aware of, though: it’s 115cm 155cm tall, which is about 4.5″ 6.1″, so it’s not really going to fit alongside any of your other non-Figma figures (except maybe McFarlane’s Halo stuff) so it may look good next to DCUC/ML, though he may look a little small next to some of them. (Thanks to Poester sanches for the correction on the height.)

It’s up for preorder on various websites for $30-$35, not including shipping.

As you can see, it features interchangeable hands, heads, guns, and it even has┬áthe opening leg-holster, the holy grail for Robocop figure collectors. I know there’s going to be a lot of NECA vs. Figma talk, but personally I plan to just get both.

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  1. Both of them look good. I think I'd wait for a review before I got the more expensive smaller one though. So… looking forward to your review!

  2. Both look great, I'm sure each have their own selling points. I'll stick wit the NECA version though. Not being a huge enough fan of Robocop, but still big enough of a geek/child of the '80s that I have to own one, the NECA is right up my alley. Now I definitely need to seek out a T-800 endo.

    Anyone catch NECA's teaser of the Ash head? They had it up on Twitter as their profile pic. Looks really good. Couldn't get a good look at it besides the user icons, but it just might be the best Bruce Campbell sculpt we've seen yet!

  3. Robocop is cool, and while I'm not a huge fan I might actually buy the Figma version. And I'm definitely picking up that Thriller MJ.

  4. just a correction: The Figma version has 155mm = 6.1"

    so, it will fit most collections, but it's still smaller than NECA's

  5. I never really wanted a Robocop toy before, but looking at those Figma pictures is really making me reconsider! Any news from either company about other characters like ED209 or Cain?

  6. @ Vincent: Just to point out, I own the Figma Golgo 13 figure, & it's amazing. It's sturdy, well constructed, & has a plethora of accessories. If I were you, I wouldn't wait on a review, because Figma's Robocop will likely sell out fast, & become too pricey afterwards on the secondary market.

  7. I have the Mcfarlane version!! For me this version is amazing, but I really want the Neca´s version, I liked the detail of the gun in his leg.

  8. I'll get the NECA one ONLY if it has articulation on the legs… Hate the "Statues from the waist down" type of figures…

  9. WOW! These look amazing! RoboCop's one of my all-time favorite films and I'll probably try to pick-up both. I'm surprised neither include an alternate helmetless head. That would seem like a no-brainer accessory.

  10. Snarf! Snarf! wrote:

    I’ll get the NECA one ONLY if it has articulation on the legs… Hate the “Statues from the waist down” type of figures…

    Straight from the horse's mouth:

    same as on our 18" [figure:] ball hips, bending knees, hinged ankles with working pistons

  11. I prefer the finish on the Figma, looks like slightly better articulation too, but the sculpt on his mouth is no-where near as good as the NECA version.

  12. I would like to find the Neca version and only pay retail, but the paint on this Figma version looks completely sick. That might sell me right there.

  13. Now, this is something I totally understand to make up for costs since NECA can't use a buck system for Robocop and they pay licensing fees, but it's kind of a bummer that leg holsters and alternate heads are something that will end up on additional Robocops rather than an ultimate version since I probably won't be down for buying 4 different verions.

    I'll definitely get the regular version, and if a battle damaged release includes a swappable Murphy head, I'll be down with that too.

    Probably won't be doing the Figma, even though it looks fantastic. It's really interesting to see which little details, colors, and proportions are better on each.

    NECA could get a pair of easy repaints with a Kenner glowing variant and the evil black armor Robocop with green visor from the SyFy miniseries that nobody except me watched. Besides ED-209, I really want that experimental Robocop from part 2 that rips his own head off. Hilarious!

  14. @ FakeEyes22:

    I just watched Robocop 2 yesterday, and both of those experimental robocops looked awesome to me. But yeah, it would be a bonus to get one with a screaming skull underneath.

  15. I want a Robocop with a jetpack from Robocop 3: The One with Robocop in a Jetpack.

    I'm not sure the 3rd film even exists outside of a VHS sleeve that promises something much more exciting than the alleged contents. I don't know anyone who's seen it.

  16. I may get the NECA figure as way back I used to have a near full collection of the Kenner figres with the cap firing action.

  17. The poseability of the Figma might tip that one for me.

    I'm a big Robocop fan, and something I'd love to see but never will, would be figures based on Frank Miller and Walt Simonson's Robocop vs. Terminator. No spoilers, but think a Terminator endo…wearing the Robocop armor.

  18. @ FakeEyes22:

    it exists, i've seen it three times… it's terrifying, and not in the good way. i love the franchise w/ all its cheesy shit, but at the point where you can't get peter weller to sign on for the POS… that pretty much ought to tell you what you need to know.

    as far as flexibility goes… um, it's it kind of extremely likely that the figma fig will be TOO flexible? i mean, weller wasn't exactly krumpin' in that outfit. like take for example the waist/torso… if it's more than a swivel, i do have to cry foul in this case. he SHOULD have a static torso, cuz his torso was deliberately rigid through the franchise. in the case of his hips, i think balls joints are a joke, he should have the alcatraz hip, and it should be limited by his thigh armor, because again, that would mimic the deliberately limited range of motion of the character.

  19. @Dayraven

    You make an extremely good case for limited articulation being accurate. I feel confused and frightened by this.

    I appreciate the perspective. Now I won't be let down if the figure seems stiff.

  20. Like I said when everyone was celebrating the NECA release… I'm all over the Figma and NECA's just a day late and a dollar short. I have the McFarlane and it's great, but Figma is going to deliver the ultimate Robocop figure.

    I preordered as soon as it went up.

  21. Figma's are a bit delicate but they are worth the money,they never scrimp on the quality and accessories,but are meant for light posing and not rough play…I'll guess I'll get the figma for the money shots and use the NECA as the ruff and tumble stunt guys.

  22. the neca one looks great, i have the 18" version a while back and im excited for the smaller one. like everyone it is dumb not to have the unmasked head for robo and to have later but a variant instead of an accesory is wasteful. if the BD version does have it, ill get it.

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